Does anyone own a mombasa ?

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  1. can you pls post pics wearing the mombasa? is the horn comfortable when carried on the shoulder ? how many sizes are there? im planning to get one i think its such a classic bag :tender: tia for the help
  2. I had one but no longer. I actually had 2 different styles - the hobo and the east/west style. One had a metal horn/the other had a deer horn. I found the deer horn more comfortable, but neither is that comfortable on the shoulder. I found myself hand carrying it a lot - and that's the reason why I sold it, as I really like mainly shoulder bags.

    As for sizes I *think* there are three - small, medium and large. I had a medium hobo and I assume the east/west was medium too.

    Hope this helps!
  3. thanks twinklette im shoulder bag girl too :smile:
  4. I have the large Mombasa with the deer antler horn. I LOVE the bag. I always get tons of compliments and it's very unique. I think it's a definite classic.

    My bag is actually comfortable on my shoulder, but I wear the bag the way it's meant to be carried, with the horn more in front of your body than on your actual shoulder. I've noticed that some people have the handle right on their shoulder, so it's not so comfortable. The position of the handle makes a big difference. And I also picked out a bag with a nice curved handle. If the handle is straight, it's not so comfortable....
  5. I totally agree! I have two bags the Mombasa and a Mala Mala. The bags are comfy if you wear them the way Wickedassin described. I always get mad comps on these bags. Good Luck!
  6. Is the medium more horizontal looking than the large? I mean, does it have more of the shape of a rectangle than a square?
  7. The "older" version of the Mombasa was more of an East/West style--meaning that it was wider than it was tall. The current Mombasas that are available through YSL are more "square" in the sense that they're nearly equally as wide as they are tall.

    I have a large that I bought a few months ago and it's 18 inches wide and 12 inches tall--this is just the bag's measurements. I think the East/West version was probably much wider and shorter so that you go more of a "rectangle" look... Hope that helps!

    If you're really interested in purchasing a new Mombasa, I'd recommend calling the YSL store in Costa Mesa, CA. Ask for Karissa. She's really nice and will take photos of what they have and then email them to you. Plus they only charge $10 for shipping. And I definitely would trust her to pick out a bag with a nice handle. The store's number is 714.429.0101. Karissa generally doesn't work on Mondays and Wednesdays, but still call and see if she's there!
  8. Thank you Wickedassin! That was exactly what I meant about a rectangular versus square shape. I was wondering if anyone would have any idea what I was talking about. :shame:
    I have a Mombasa in the east/west style coming in next week. I will definitely keep Karissa in mind for future purchases, though!
    Thanks a million! :flowers:
  9. Thanks for posting that name wikedassin. I know it wasn't specifically for me but this bag is on my list to buy. I've been lusting over it for like 3 years :lol:

    Any idea on the pricing?
  10. Will you post a photo? I have the Mombasa in the hobo shape, and would love to see a real life photo of the east/west.
  11. Here's one of the east/west --> now I'm thinking I want a mombasa again lol!

  12. Thanks for the photo! I really like my hobo version. Just a little more depth than the east/west, I think. My horn isn't as large, also. (not everyday that you can work that phrase into a conversation, is it?) ;)

    I like the Mombasa, because I can see myself carrying this at age 80 as easily as I can picture myself carrying it now.
  13. You're welcome! Karissa is very nice. From what I remember, I believe the large is $895 and the medium is $795 OR it might be that the large is $995 and the medium is $895. Call and ask. And I know it comes in different colors and materials. I think the basic classics are black and chocolate brown. But I've seen some in suede and I've heard that there's one in patent!
  14. I bought a Mombasa bag last winter--in Chocolate brown suede with Chocolate mink trim. I cannot wait until it turns cold so I can use it!!! FYI, YSL is bringing back that same bag again this fall, according to my SA.
  15. Jill that mombasa sounds amazing! I'd love to see a pic of it (and BTW I love admiring your cocktails in your avatar - you had a margarita one not too long ago right?)