Does anyone own a MJ Grace?

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  1. Does anyone own a MJ Grace?

    If so, could I see a picture of it being worn? Does it fit over the shoulder? Thanks so much!!! :flowers:
  2. wow!! that's a very nice bag!
  3. That's a great bag, but it has to be one of the heaviest MJ bags ever produced. I fell in love with this style when it first came out a few seasons ago, but due to the design of the frame, it weighs a ton--more than a Stam or Paddy, which many feel are on the heavy side.
  4. ^^that's good to know, thanks valerieb.
  5. did you try it on? does it fit over the shoulder? Thanks:smile:
  6. The handles did not fit over my shoulder, but at least there's a strap...
  7. okay, thanks!
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