Does Anyone Own A Mini Paddington

  1. Hello Everyone, this it my first post in the Chloe Forum.

    I saw a little gray mini Paddington on Styledrops and I was wondering if anyone had one and if it's bigger or smaller than an LV pochette? Also, how much can you carry in it? :smile:
  2. Hey there!
    I don't post a lot in this forum either but I do love Chloe:love: ..
    I have a Baby (mini) Paddington in Grenat. It's definitely bigger than an LV pochette. With my pochettes, I can only fit my wallet and Multicles and MAYBE my phone if it's not in the case (it's a Sidekick so it's BIG). In the baby Paddy, I can fit all of those things easily plus maybe a couple more little things. It's definitely bigger also because it's not so flat...if that makes sense?
    The only thing that gets me is the opening and closing but I just don't bother really doing it up any more. And the lock is really heavy but the bag is so cute and the leather is so scrumptious that I'd say it's a fair trade;)
  3. Thanks for responding! :love:

    What problems do you have with the opening/closing?
  4. i have a silver mini and i LOVE it. i'm not a "big bag" kind of person - i like them little. it fits my wallet, cellphone, keys, gum, and if i roll up a magazine it gets in there too. it could also fit an ipod/headphones if i wanted it to.

    i think the problems that stylefly is talking about is true of all paddy's - its a pain to constantly open and close the zippers, so i just throw the lock over and call it a day.
  5. I think I have a different bag in mind. I think I was asking about the clutch instead of the actual mini. :s

    I was doing a search of the forum and found the Mini. I didn't know the Paddington came in that size. :nuts:

    Now here's my problem: I'm looking for something gray and came across these two on

    Is it my imagination or is the top one dark gray and the bottom one light gray or is the bottom one a totally different color than gray? :confused1:
  6. I want to say argent is sort of metallic grey/brownish. But theres a few different grays out right now. Or maybe theres 2 versions of argent like there is anthracite. One metallic, one not. The non metallic anthracite (top one) is super dark charcoal gray/washed out black.

    And I was under the impression that argent = silver but looking at diabros pics I dont think thats the case lol.
  7. i have the argent. it's a darker silver - very pretty imo and less "in-your-face" than a really shiny silver would be. matches with more of your wardrobe. it's a little grayer/darker than the diabro pictures. there's also a picture of the argent on the neiman website and on NAP
  8. i have a baby paddy, mine is the limited edition black/black hardware one which i think is slightly bigger than the regular baby paddy but it does fit a good bit and its definently bigger than a lv pouchette. its quite spacious, i can fit sunglasses with case, small wallet, keys, phone, a few makeup items, and still have plenty of room.
  9. Ok, I really like the Anthracite color and maybe going for that. :nuts:

    I do have another question tho - what dictates pricing? I'm looking at and I notice that some of the Baby Paddy's have different prices. Is it the harware?

    Sorry about all the questions, this will be my first Chloe purchase and I'm not too familiar with the brand.
  10. Diabros weird with the pricing - usually its pretty standard unless its reg vs metallic leathers/colored locks. So probably has to do with season and color (neutral vs a 'unique' color). Just guesses lol
  11. Oooh okay. Thanks! :smile:
  12. Hi there,
    I own the anthracite Baby Paddy, but mine has silver hardware. I noticed the one on diabro has gold h'ware. I personally think the anthracite looks much better with the silver hw, but that's just my two cents. ;)

    I posted a pic of my baby argent in the "silverado" reference thread, if that's at all helpful to you. And just PM me if I can answer any ?s for you.

    I love mine, by the way. it's the cutest little bag! It's my weekend/nights out bag. For me it's too small for everyday, but very chic and perfect for evenings out. It looks great with jeans or with something a little dressier. Every single time I wear it I get compliments. :heart:

  13. Yes, often the more metallic the leather used, the more Chloe tend to charge for it.

    I adore the baby paddy and its a fantastic introduction to the Chloe range.

    I would not however, recommend the clutch, as it really is no larger than a purse, and really will not hold more than keys, a credit card and a mobile if it was really tiny ;)
  14. I have one in red and one in metallic grey, not sure the official colour names. They're surprsingly roomy I can easily fit my purse, umbrella, keys, mobile and lipstick.
  15. i have 2 baby paddies (pix in my avatar) and they hold a lot for their size..