Does anyone own a Mini Monogram Josephine PM?

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  1. If so, how do you like this bag? Do you find it versatile? Is it easy to keep clean? I would love to see a photo of it on. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. I have the PM, but unfortunately my camera is broken:crybaby: .. but hopefully I can just answer you as best I can.. I have the Kaki color (dark green) so it's not really hard to keep clean. I have not noticed any dirt on it at all and I've had it since Dec 2004. Hmm.. the opening is quite easy to get in and out of, and opens up somewhat like a doctor's bag. The handles are quite comfortable.. I did want to get this in another color, but the BF said one is enough.. *sigh* The Blue and Cherry color are also very nice!! Hope this helps!:yes:
  3. I have it in blue, which is no longer available anyway, but I love it! I can wear it on my shoulder or handheld. I'm sorry I can't take any pictures right now though....I'll check in the morning and if no one has given you any I'll post some... anyway, I LOVE the way in opens, it's so easy to get in and out of, it is one of my favorite bags. Now to keep clean, keep in mind I have a light color, it's the blue and not the tst so there's a lot of light material. Well I've had some issues with dark denim, but it cleaned of very easily with woolite and warm water on a damp cloth...
  4. I have the dark blue tst color. I don't have pictures of it on me but if you search the thread for it, someone a while back posted pics of her holding it and on the shoulder. However, from personal experience, I find that it's more comfortable to have on the hand rather than on the shoulder. It's really beautiful!
  5. i was watching a dark blue TST one on eBay just a couple of days ago. but just as i'd decided to get it, someone else hit BIN:hysteric:. it was a really good price too; only $399 :crybaby:

    now i'm on the watch for another dark blue TST one :mad:
  6. Here's a pic:

    edit: more pics :P
  7. I used to have one and sold it....
    It's a great bag
  8. don't remind me :crybaby:. it was the only color in the Mini Monogram that i really liked, but it just took me a little too long to decide, which is always my eBay luck
  9. I have the khaki TST and will post pics tonight for you. :yes:

    I find the double zipper a bit of a pain but I usually carry it unzipped b/c I'm forever going into it. It opens up very nice and wide for access to everything. I :heart: it!
  10. josephine_discontd.jpg
  11. if the bag's on it's real :yes:

    the actual bags don't really match the official pictures, because the pictures are of prototypes. and apparently it's to throw off counterfeiters too :P.
  12. yeah, mine doesn't match the pictures either
  13. But should the monogram still be assymetrical like that? On every LV bag I've seen, it seems to be flawlessy symmetrical. So I'm just a little uneasy... :wondering