does anyone own a michele ceramic watch?

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  1. hi all,

    i was just wondering if anyone out there owns the michele black ceramic watch with diamonds and what are your thoughts? modeling pics is really appreciated. I was wondering also if you all think that it compares to the black chanel J12?
  2. No, but I loved them when I saw them at Nordstrom! The only problem, for me, would be that I'd have to choose white or black - I really prefer stainless. I think it's more timeless and certainly more neutral. I'd like one as a sometimes watch, but not for everyday.

    I did buy a black ceramic LAMB watch which is lovely, but I just don't wear it that often because I feel like it's too black on my fair skin. Maybe I'm just more used to stainless.
  3. Nothing in ceramic is better than a J12.