Does anyone own a LP Dylan Mini Speedy???

  1. I have been checking out this bag for a while. I have a couple Linea Pelle bags and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LP. I did a search and came up with nada. So sad, so if anyone has a Mini will you please share your thoughts on it?!! TIA :heart:
  2. I don't personally own it, but we carry it in our boutique. I really like this bag. It's especially nice if you don't like to carry huge bags. But, I'm biased; I love Linea Pelle. I can't say enough about their bags. The leather is amazing.
  3. Thanks, Clutch---what would you say about the size? wallet, sunnie-case, etc...?

  4. I just tried putting my wallet, small make-up bag, sunglasses and cell in there. It actually all fits with some room left over.
  5. That's great. More room than I thought. Wait....was it the Metallic or Quilted? I noticed on the LP website the Quilted one is slightly larger. Thanks Clutch!
  6. I have one! Wonderful little bag! Just the right size and has a lovely 'edge' to it's look. Plus, it's a major soft and lush piece too. I bought the matching wallet and that's my fav! I think I'm going to sell my Prada wallet cause it's not nearly as sweet as the Dylan!
  7. I was using the Marigold from their holiday collection. It's on the LP website, but the main picture is in bone. Hope you get it! It's a great bag!
  8. YAY!! Some one else who has one!! I am eyeing the wallet too! I love LP leather and the wallet just looks so nice and floppy and soft I can't stand it. Which of the Mini's do you have? Metallic or Quilted??

  9. Thanks Clutch12! I appreciate you sticking with me! I might just have to get this bag. :wlae:


  10. Quilted Black in both the bag and the wallet. A favorite combo!