Does anyone own a Louis Vuitton Amman Messenger??

  1. Hi Guys!
    I'm new to the Purse Forum, and I think it's absolutely fantastic!! I am in love with the Amman messenger bag from the Monogram mini Initales line (2005)...

    If any of you guys have this bag could you please post some pics and give me some brief info on the bag!!

    Thanks soooo much!!!
  2. The bags of this line are gorgeous I bought recently the tangen but it didn't arrive yet... mini lin is really pretty and classy
  3. wellcome!!! by the way nice to see more n more guys here
  4. Right!:yes: i like amman too. it was very limited
  5. Welcome!:welcome:
  6. OMG!! Thanx for the warm welcome and the incredibly quick replies!!! I'm sure more and more guys are becoming interested in luxury brands!! I just wish that i could just walk into the LV store and find the Amman.....*sigh*.... Too bad i wasn't interested in LV back then!!
  7. I have seen one in eBay I think they are a bit expensive now that they are discontinued
  8. I wanted that bag for myself when it came out and I am a girl!!
  9. welcome to tpf!!!
    i love that bag!
  10. so hot!
  11. The Amman and Tanger from the Mini Initiales line are two of my FAVORITE bags of all time... I recently checked out 2 Tangers from this line at my boutique... They retailed for $975 and there are still a few floating around in the company...

    So there might be a few Amman Messengers floating around?

    Oh... btw: Welcome to the PF!!! :biggrin: