Does Anyone Own a Lindy?

  1. Hi all! Just wondering if anyone owns a Lindy, and how you like it?
  2. I know a couple of women who've purchased Lindys recently and they cannot stop raving. The challenge is finding one to try in an H Boutique, since they just blow out of the stores.
  3. Thanks! I will call my SA and ask her to call me if ine comes in in Etoupe.
  4. Definitely do that. I saw a lady carrying an etoupe swift Lindy in the 24 Faubourg store and it was DIVINE! :heart:
  5. I tried one one in NYC, not for me, too boxy, even the SA said that it looked like a dog carrier on me!
  6. Two people I know own them and they rave about the Lindy. I do think it is a bag you should try on before buying though.
  7. there's no doubt that Lindy is fairly popular in Paris, as the sales brought one out and sold right away...i personally like the 34cm better and think it is also a very practical sac
  8. I tried on a 34cm Rose Dragee Lindy and didn't like it on me at all. I was disappointed :\
  9. Lisa, what didn't you like about the Lindy on you? Just curious, as I haven't seen one yet IRL since I haven't been able to get to NY with the boys home on spring break...I'm just dying of curiousity!
  10. Hi luv2shophandbag,
    I have seem and tried on 2 30cm Lindys at my local H store. I personally really like the bag because it's:

    1) Super lightweight, compare with birkins, kellys, trims and even picotins.

    2) Multifunctional because it's a shoulder bag as well as a tote! It takes on a different look when used as a shoulder bag versus tote.

    3) Extremely roomy. I was able to fit a large wallet, make-up bag, keychain with 10 keys, cellphone, sunglass case and there's still plenty of room for more.

    What can I say? I'm a fan of lindy. I can see how some people might dislike the bag because it takes on a boxy look when used as a shoulder bag.

    The lindy comes in clemence or swift leather and an array of beautiful colors.

    I hope I was helpful...

  11. luv2shophansbag: I thought I would love it, I really did. But when I tried it on, it was really bulky under my elbow. I don't know. Just didn't fit. Am really glad I got the chance to try it on before I paid for it over the phone. I realize now that I'm a very picky shoulder bag girl. Handbags are easier for me.
  12. Here's a picture of me which I posted in the Hermes in Action thread:

    Here's missmarbella with the same bag (both of ours happen to be 34cm etoupe swift):

    A few more pictures of my Lindy:


  13. MrsS: That lindy looks so cute :heart:
  14. I tried to love it too...just didn't. I don't know. Guess it's too much money not to love. It's cute...and I like it on other people.
  15. This is a great list of the pros of the Lindy--but nafnaf you left off one: the outside pocket on each side that are just so convenient.

    Since I am not a big fan of tote bags, I originally had no interest at all in the Lindy. I was actually surprised to find out how much I liked the Lindy when I finally got to see it IRL.