Does anyone own a light blue Paddy?

  1. Nordstrom has a light blue paddy on hold for me and I am debating getting it. If anyone owns one I would like to hear about how it holds up dirtwise, color transfers, etc. I thought this was a spring color so I am surprised it is at Nordstrom's now, not sure if it was a return oe held back.
    Any advice would be most appreciated.
  2. I have the jeans moyen Paddy & have been using it a lot since I bought it in early January. Carried it almost exclusively for a couple of months. The bag has held up beautifully and really has not even been soiled... looks gorgeous. If you are concerned about that don't worry ;-0 I am not especially careful with bags and take whatever I'm carrying everywhere. Mine has the gold hardware maybe the one you saw was the mouse with a aqua cast & silver hardware? It's gorgeous too!
  3. I love the colour, but as you say, it is a spring colour and so you may be entitled to a discount !!
    Good luck with your decision :biggrin:
  4. I also have the jeans moyen and like Pinkie said, it does hold up really well to being used everyday! Plus, you can wear it with practically everything! You should go for it, it's such a pretty colour!
  5. I have the jeans moyen as well. I sprayed mine with Shining Monkey before I wore it. I have not worn it constantly, but it is still in perfect condition.
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice! I am going to pick it up and give it a new home!
    Chloe-Babe I thought the same thing, if it is last season shouldn't I get a nice discount? I will try but I love the color so much I am sure to cave in.