does anyone own a lady braid flap?

  1. Hi girls! I have been searching through the ref. library for a pic of one but have only found one pic from instyle mag. and another of mischa barton wearing one. I have seen pics of other lady braids but not the flap. If anyone has one can you please post some pics? I also have some questions about your opinion of them. Thanx so much!!!!!!!!:flowers::smile:
  2. i believe nvchampagne owns one! go search under red and you can find it in the ref. library!
  3. [​IMG]
    I have the ladybraid flap in red. It's a lovely bag and very durable due to the type of leather.
  4. [​IMG]
    Another image of the Ladybraid
  5. Hi nvchampagne, have you noticed any faults in the straps of your lady braid flap ? i have the large tote in rd but have noticed the leather of the straps is tearing .. I just posted a thred regarding my problem.. any advice ?
  6. Hi there

    No, I haven't had any problems with the flap. I have dropped it outside and it has been fine. I don't use it everyday though - it's on rotation with lots of others! I would definately take it back to your nearest boutique and complain. Keep us updated with what happens.
  7. Thanx so much for replying! It is so beautiful in red! hanks for the pics, i went to the chanel boutique today and saw it there in black. I also saw a small bubble quilt flap and it was so soft and beautiful. I am sooooo torn on which bag to buy. Maybe i shold wait for the new reissues to come out? I can't wait to see the colors!!!!! Again thanx so much for posting your girls! So beautiful!!!!!:woohoo::drool: