Does Anyone Own A Knot Clutch From Fall '07

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  1. I have always drooled over these bags and was wondering how much use one gets with them..there is a woven looking grey snakeskin and brown deerskin 1 that I have seen locally, called ayers intreccio butterfly knot in asino..or the ropey 1 grey/taupe (metallic) ..are these jeans bags? dinner bags? dressup only ? would you wear with my black/beige uniform ? or should I put my money in a lg veneta?
  2. hi prestwick, i totally agree with you that the bv knot clutches are tdf. however, i'd say they are strictly for cocktail/formal events as they don't carry very much at all. so if you're looking for a work bag definitely go for the large veneta. unless of course you don't have to carry more than some money, keys and a compact and lipstick for work.
  3. Hi! I own a very humble black satin knot clutch. All it carries is a handphone, my car/house keys and a lipstick. And even then, you have to arrange the items properly so that it all fits in. As mine is in black satin - I use it only for evening dos and cocktails. I have only used it once for DH's office christmas party.
  4. They are gorgeous, but very compact IRL. I'm sure the one that you have described is beautiful but they are strictly evening bags. As for your dilemna, I guess I'd weigh up which bag I'd get more use out of a large veneta for day or the knot for evening. If you don't already own a BV than I would say go for the large veneta, if you have lots of day bags already then go for the knot, I love the Karung knots that they did last season in ferro and brass and someone posted that there are going to be some spectacular knots this season as well.
  5. I have the Karung Knot in brass, as does Miss P. I agree these are really cocktail, evening type bags. They def don't hold too much, but for an evening out thats ok. Got TONS of use for the holiday season and will for the upcoming wedding season etc and nights out. They are really gorgeous, even my husaband, who, as he puts it, is not really a purse type guy (meaning he doesn't take any notice LOL) admits it is tdf and told me never to get rid of it! Tough choice between the veneta and the knot...can you buy both:graucho:???
  6. exactly what I was going to say. if you don't have a basic, starter, yet stunning BV, go for the veneta. you'll get so much use out of it and fall in such love that you'll have to get another BV, at which point getting the knot would make sense.

    but if you have great, day-to-day black bags, you can start out by being adventurous with the knot. I don't own a knot yet but I am definitely going to get one of ossidato ones from this season now that I've got the basic BV collection down.