Does anyone own a Keira?

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  1. has one on sale in Auburn that's just a lovely color! They have a Brynne too. I'm really tempted..mainly for the color Auburn.
  2. I've had 2 Keira's, and wish I would have kept one! Neither was the auburn, I had black and oak and I miss the oak one. It's a fairly small bag, but great if you're not carrying alot. It's a super looking bag and hangs well on the shoulder. I'm watching out for another oak, but they're hard to find now:sad:. If you're going to buy it from Kooba, I say go for it, if you don't care for it you can always send it back.
  3. I tried on a Kiera in Auburn at Nordstrom's and liked how it hung on my shoulder. I was worried though that it was just a tad too small inside.
  4. You guys, how big is the Keira, say compared to Jessie?
  5. Not too big at all. The Jessie has pockets and more depth. The Kiera is okay in length and about 7 inches high but what kills it is the depth. It's only 3 1/2 inches and I could fit my Dooney wallet in it and nothing along side of it. It's cute and comfortable on the shoulder but the size killed it for me. I had everything jammed in there on top of eachother. It was a mess for me.