Does Anyone Own a Katy Tote...?

  1. Hello ladies :yes::yes:

    I searched for katy tote and saw a few people mention that they got katy totes, but I didn't see any pictures.

    I'm in need of a tote for my business trips and this looks like the one for me. Unfortunately there are no stores in my state that carry the katy.

    Can anyone who has it model it for me? I just want to get an idea of what it looks like on a shoulder, how big it really is, etc.

    Thanks in advance :yes:
  2. I have it but haven't used it. I was talking to a DM on the way into the outlet one day and she was carrying it. She told me it is made of silk. I'm petrified I'll ruin it, so I will probably return it! I'll try to remember to take some pics of it tomorrow. It's sitting in it's box!
  3. I think it is a really pretty bag but it doesn't seem like it would be a hard wearing one.

    I have a leather tote like this Coach - COACH HAMPTONS LEATHER BOOK TOTE That I picked up at an outlet. They always seem to have them. I love this bag - i've had it about 6 months and the leather is great! If you have an outlet available - consider checking in to it.
  4. bump....I would love to see this modeled. This looks like a fun tote!
  5. Here's me with my Katy on.
    Photo 105.jpg
  6. Oh wow, it's a huge bag! I mean, I read the measurements and all but didn't take a measuring tape out to measure it. It's so pretty though. I'd get one still if I have the $.

    You model it nicely shelbell!
  7. Thanks Kathyrose!

    Its definitely a large bag...last time I went down to Virginia to see my aunt and uncle I used it as my overnight was perfect for that!
  8. i agree, i saw it irl but it was just too big for me