Does anyone own a GPS?

  1. I have been looking forever & finally took the plunge, it was hard parting with that much money that wasn't going to a bag :p but I ordered the Garmin 350 online, does anyone have it?
  2. i have a's a love/hate relationship.
  3. Good question...Im buying one this week too..I heard the GARMIN ones are the best...Did u get the traffic report one too?
  4. Not sure if this is what you mean, but we have a Magellan that we set on the dash of our older car for location, directions, etc. Our Highlander has a built-in screen GPS/map directions. I can't figure out how to operate them. Dh has to have them but he cusses them out when he hits the wrong button.
  5. I have a Garmin, not sure of the model, and love it! DH got it for me for mother's day...he knows I love tech stuff, plus I get lost so easy.
  6. Yeah we have a Garmin Nuvi something-or-other works really well. We used it last weekend in LA and it made it SO much easier driving around all those crazy streets!
  7. Garmin makes A GAZILLION models..anyone know what model number they have..Im trying to figure out if I should spend 300 or 800!!LOL!
  8. We have a Garmin and love it! I couldn't tell you the different models, but ours was $300 and it does everything we need it to far. lol
  9. I have a Garmin, and I love it! Not sure about the model, it as a Christmas gift two years ago...
  10. I have a garmin-c330, it's a simple touch screen model but LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I bought both of my teenage sons one for christmas last year and it is so nice not to worry about them getting lost.

    Here is a link for more info from garmins site, it says the retail is $349.00, but you can get them for around $200-225.
  11. I have a Garmin, I have no idea about the model, though. I love it!! It's so awesome, and I don't know how I got along without it, lol!!
  12. I just found the 550 model (from 500 to 350!)on sale at circuit city online..Its even 50 dollars cheaper than the 340 model?!weird!
  13. i work at best buy, and when i asked our car audio guys (they do gps, too) what nav system they would recommend, they said that the garmin line, model 350 and up, where all fantastic, so you chose well!
  14. i have one build in my car, and I :love: it!
    cant drive w/out one!LOL!