Does anyone own a Furla ?

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  1. Does anyone own a Furla handbag? If so which one, and how is it holding up? I saw a cute shiny red one but didn't have time to inquire about it.:confused1:
  2. My 1st & 2nd designer handbags were Furla and Longchamp. They are very well made, I would recommend them.
  3. Thank you I've seen them but I have never tried them myself. I will have to check them out.
  4. Furla has other threads on tPF, check them out. Furla is a great Italian brand. Beautiful design at accessible prices. I adore Furla. I own it in addition to my Gucci, LV, Celine, Mulberry... That is to say, I am not a design label snob. I buy what looks great, and Furla is definitely THERE!
  5. Awesome thanks!
  6. I love Furla!

    I have 2 bags, a wallet and a clutch!

    My wallet opens up like an accordian - best wallet ever!

    I tried selling my 2 bags on eBay though, with no luck - everyone was giving me all these low low LOW offers (like 80% off my asking price) - it angered me so much that I rather keep it!
    P1100828.JPG P1100837.JPG
  7. The quality is good for the money. I like that they are a great bag and not as common as a Coach, Dooney, etc. but in the same price range.

    They don't resell well. I've checked out a few eBay auctions looking for a specific bag and noticed they winning bids are really low compared to other brands in the same initial price range like Coach. I saw a work bag that would have reatailed at $500+ sell for $35 used in good shape.

    FYI - Around January and August starts putting bags on end of season sales.
  8. I have 3 Furla bags. They are all Black Fabric ones but different sizes.

    I'm having trouble getting my photos the right size to add but will keep trying.
  9. I have a large brown croc briefcase for work.It's very cute and durable.Certainly recomend them.
  10. I do not. I think they're overpriced for what they are... plus, it seems that practically every bag they make winds up in their Cabazon outlet. I hate seeing things I buy for full price end up on sale! Especially something that's hundreds of dollars.
  11. Their bags are pretty popular in Europe and rank alongside mid to upper range brands like Longchamp. I have a chocolate brown one which has held up incredibly well. The leather is smooth and slightly shiny but for some reason never scratches.
  12. Managed to sort my photos out. I think these are general everyday bags.
  13. Wow thanks for the photos and all the info. I'll have to go back and take another look. But if I do find one I want I will be aware of the low resale value and I had better love it.
  14. I agree the bags are well made and the quality of the leather is good. Unfortunately they've become a bit overpriced ever since the Euro kicked in and the exchange rate went haywire. I had a beauuutiful black furla doctor style bag that I managed to get at full retail at just under USD 150 a few years ago. Now the price point is significantly higher, and their resale value isn't anywhere near.
  15. I agree the re-sale price is low on these bags but I love mine. The only one I don't really use is the largest one because it is really, really big. The other two I use quite a lot because my style changes from day to day, Casual in Boots, Jeans or Combat Trousers one day and the next really smart and I find that these bags go with both styles well.

    They do some nice bright colours and different styles if you are looking for a bag for a special occasion.