Does anyone own a Dior Baudrier?

  1. Hi folks!

    Does any of you Dior lovin' p-ple own a Dior Baudrier? Is it true that there is no authenticity code stamped anywhere in the bag? I do own an authentic Dior jaquard pochette, and I checked and found out that there are no authenticity codes on that one either. I can tell for sure that the purse I own is authentic since I personally bought it from the Dior boutique in Milan in 2002. The recent dior purses however do have authenticity codes stamped inside the bag. Has Dior just recently started to stamp the authenticity code inside their handbags?

    I would be very happy to get some feedback about this matter as I am about to place a bid on a Dior Baudrier on E-bay :smile:

    Option 1: eBay: Christian Dior Saddle Baudrier XLarge Beige NEW buySAFE (item 320012793899 end time Sep-29-06 19:09:23 PDT)

    Option 2: eBay: Beautiful Rare AUTHENTIC DIOR Baudrier Saddle bag ***** (item 170029042078 end time Sep-19-06 20:01:14 PDT)
  2. i don't own a dior baudrier. but i was looking at the pictures of the first bag. the tags say "noir." now doesn't that mean "black" in english? if it does, then why is the bag that's being sold not black but "caramel." now the fakers are so good they can even fake the tags. PLUS, i am not so sure about this but i doubt that Dior has a company store. the receipt on this bag says it was bought from a company store.
    anyway, hope you find an authentic one on ebay. happy looking!
  3. oops...i just saw in one of the forums here that there are dior outlets. so maybe, there is a company store (but i just haven't seen one). oh well...
  4. Well...there is supposed to be a code somewhere...I have the same bag in chocolate from a Dior company store and there is a code inside the check for it.
  5. Your "option 1" seller has authentic merchandise from the Dior Outlet in Cabazon, California. Every model number, and bar code number on the hang tags is correct. So I would think, that this Dior Baudrier is also authentic, even though it does say "black" on the hang tag - as "makeupmama" noticed. They have also the black Baudrier for sale - may be the tags just got mixed up. I would definitely go for it.
  6. Hi Mary! I see that you recently won the purse you wanted. Congrats! Hey, just for future, all authentic Dior saddles and baudriers have the serial number of authenticity underneath the Christian Dior Paris leather tag. The numbers are always engraved in the tag, the lining is usually a cottony Dior logo or plain very fine satin. These are the qualities that pop out for authenticity ... not those cards!!!