Does anyone own a Daphne Python bag?

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  1. I love this bag! Does anyone own one? Is it heavy? Does the straw stay clean? I just love the look of this bag, but I have never seen one in real life. I guess it came out last spring, which was before my love affair with Coach began! Any info/advice would be much appreciated, before I plunk down some big bucks for it!

    Here is the drilldown photo, item #115
  2. wow! i've never seen it, but is gorgeous!
  3. it's gorgeous! I saw one of these at the outlets this spring, and I was talking to the SA about it, she said the straw on these is really loosly woven, so you have to really baby it because it can come 'undone' easily. that changed my mind.

    but I love it too - you have good taste!
  4. Thanks! I have to say this forum is a really, really bad influence. I am new to Coach and have bought a ton of things in the past few weeks! Anyway, I love this bag! I have found 2 on ebay and am hesitant to buy without holding it first. Any more info would certainly help! Unfortunately, with 4 kids I can't exactly baby my bags!:rolleyes: Maybe I'll still get it and keep it for special occassions!
  5. I have the all leather one in coral and it is one of my favorite bags. Not heavy at all. By the way, I did see the straw version in the outlets last year and have to agree about the straw becoming loose and needing to be babied. It is not worth it in my opinion. Go for the leather. It is calf leather and does not need to be babied.
  6. OMG it comes in PINK .. so cute!
  7. I saw the leather one on ebay in that coraley color, it's gorgeous! that one would hold up much better too. they show up on ebay pretty regularly, sometimes for less than $200!
  8. that pink bag is gorgeous, I want one! :biggrin:
  9. I will be on the lookout for one on ebay! Thanks for all the great info. The forum is great...and expensive!;)
  10. I had one in blue and sold it. Very lightweight large bag. I've never owned a straw bag long enough to know what eventually happens to it. But, the straw can crack, fray and snag finer fabrics. Top handle, cannot carry on your shoulder. There is suede trim around the edges of the pockets, which is always the "scuff zone." Because of the weighty flap pockets, the bag tended to fall forward. Otherwise it is a summer "wow" bag!
  11. So it sounds completely unreasonable for my life. But, it's so beautiful and stylish, I think I must have one! :drool:
    Maybe I can just look at it!:shrugs:
  12. i just saw it on ebay. search for coach python
  13. From a design aspect the straw python is an interesting and complex bag, straw, suede, python, twill, there is some piping accent in the flaps. It is large and roomy, and it all depends on use/needs.
  14. Hi Ladies, T J Maxx had them this week in the Blue for $258.00
    I'm in the Milwaukee area.