Does anyone own a cozy purse?

  1. I was looking at this, and thought it might be nice to have.

    Does anyone own this, and if so what do you use it for, a reg. wallet? & how much do you like using it?

    If you have any pics those would be lovely as well.

  2. hi, yes, I own one in white. It's a very useful secondary wallet if you know what I mean. To accompany and complement your primary one rather than just a cozy, but obviously it depends on how much you carry. I put coins and 2 cards in there. They are the two cards that I use the most, so I don't have to root through my big wallet to get my main cards out. The inside of mine has gotten a little dirty, because of dirt from the coins, but thats to be expected as I didn't treat the leather prior to using it (I'm in the UK, so Appleguard and similar things aren't readily available as far as I'm aware).

    It's really quite useful. The only thing is you can only fit notes/bills after folding them into 'squares'. The gussets on the side fold inwards so notes/bills can't stay flat, kwim?
  3. I use small wallet when I carry a small bag or pochette!
    I have a ludlow and I want to get new zippy purse in epi or vernis or MC if they make.
    0706L2.jpg 1023w.JPG
  4. My Mom has the black mc one and she keeps her credit cards in it! She uses it everyday!
  5. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  6. I just got mine in black MC. I like the fact that it fits into my Wapity which also has my canon digicam in it.