Does anyone own a cornflower first ?

  1. can someone pls post a pic of a cornflower first, im wanting this bag but i cant imagine how it would in the first :rolleyes:
  2. Here we go. I have a cornflower first but I do like the city better.
  3. is that a very small back compared to the first or city?

    Sorry for the silly question, I love the color and I have been ooog-ling Nicole Richie/ Nicky Hilton/ Olson twins bags forever.

    I would love nothing more then to start adding them to my collection. Buti 'm just not sure about size ( or then the city) and the leather. I loke the nice soft looking bags,
  4. Heads up, but there's a cornflower first on eBay from the PFer that got banned. Don't buy it!
  5. tanja thank you i love your cornflower first :love:

    jd324 - thanks for the heads up :P dont like to purchase on ebay im scared getting fake bags
  6. The cornflower is such a gorgeous color. I had a really hard time deciding between that color and the ink. I chose the ink, which I love, but I still want the cornflower.
  7. wow, Tanja, your cornflower first is ga-ga-gorgeous girl :yes:
  8. Oooooh....Tanja, your Cornflower looks beautiful! :love:
  9. :love: i love the cornflower!!!
  10. Thanks girls it's after apple garde and lubriderm before she was pretty veiny and dry but now she so soft and smushy. It's a great shopping and evening bag for work she's a bit small for me.