Does Anyone Own A Cornely Tote?

  1. Hi.. I own this bag in noce, it is from fall '06,slightly stiff with kind of embroidery on top, gold hardware, 2 adjustable top handles, and 1 center zip compartment, and 2 open ones..I loved this bag when i got it , but my tastes are going more towards the slouchier, napa venetas which are worn on the shoulders..What do owners think of this bag now,,are you still enjoying it? do you ever wear it on your shoulder or hand held like the montaigne.. I GET INCREDIBLE COMPLIMENTS ON THIS first I thought it was so beautiful I was afraid to wear it the color..but would you buy a large noce veneta too for that softer look?
  2. Pics?
  3. Hi j burgh, don't know how to upload pics to this website right now..
  4. Is this it just in noce rather than this green? If so, I like it... I can't see wearing it for casual occasions but definitely when I am dressed up!
  5. THANK YOU BOOKERMOUSE..that is exactly it , except in noce...its funny, I kind of see what you mean, but it has never struck me as being extremely dressy because of its size. ( I usually use a clutch bag for evening or dinner out when I am leaving from my home, but if I were in NYC I never change my bag and would carry this to dinner) however, I have mostly have worn it casually, daily, I do not work and I change my bags around a lot... I feel the color gives it a more causal feel,almost a western feel, but since carrying the maxi studded veneta this fall I am in love with the lightness of the bag and freeing the crook of my arm up for a I am eying other venetas in the large size, and I guess the dilemma is either to continue to carry the cornely this spring and not go with another noce, and buy a nero large veneta, which would be easier to transition to night time.. I must say that since I have entered into this forum I only want to buy all the bags..also, some venetas are shinier than others..why is that, and what is more desirable? is it just personal taste?..( I must say that the majority of ebano venetas that I have seen are more matte)
  6. Glad I could find a picture so we know what you are talking about! It is a beautiful bag and very different than a Veneta. It is funny how you say the noce colour feels more casual too - I feel exactly the same way about my noce Montaigne versus, say, my nero. And I also agree that between the noce and nero, the nero leather seems shinier... not like patent just not really matte like the noce.

    I agree that being here just makes me want one of absolutely everything I see - so it isn't really the best place to come to NARROW down options! And in that vein, what about getting a Veneta in a different colour than either your nero studded Veneta or your noce Cornely - then you could continue to use all three and each would be totally different?
  7. hi BOOKERMOUSE..thanks for the pic..maybe my computer person can teach me how to upload the pics on this website...Ah, and I must say the thinking of a lawyer... I am married to one!!! "buy a bag in ebano" then I would have 3 entirely different bags..I will , but I want all 3!!! and which to buy first??? yikes!!!
  8. Hi prestwick.... have you considered the New Pyramid? Well, since you already have a Veneta (maxi stud veneta), and you have the Cornely tote, a noce New Pyramid would be a lovely new addition IMO.

    I think the nero veneta is an excellent choice. If you look at the Celebrities section, you will see that the color of choice for the Veneta is nero :tup:! The nero veneta is also on my BV wishlist. I now see why so many tpfers have more than one Veneta :smile:! One is not enough.