Does anyone own a Coach hat??

  1. I am wanting to buy my mother a bucket/crusher hat (i think that's the correct name). Anyway, I was wondering how they fit. I don't know whether to go with the p/s or the m/l. I made up an excuse for her to measure her head, which is about 21-22 inches. I hate having to exchange items since the Coach store is about 45min-1hr away, so I want to get the size right. Any help is appreciated!!!;)
  2. I bought the legacy shearling newsboy cap at the last PCE. I have no idea what my head size is, but I have what I call "pea head" and always take hats in the smallest size, so I ordered the S/P and it fits perfectly. To give you an idea on my head size (since I have no idea what it measures), I can usually get child-sized caps on and they either fit perfectly or are just a tiny smidge too small.

    If she's someone with a normal or larger sized head, go with the larger size (I suppose you could search online for a chart that breaks down head circumference in relation to hat size).

    I hope that helps!
  3. The "crusher" is cute. The last time I was at the outlet they had several of the signature ones with a red band. Unfortunately they were all small. I have a very round head and thick hair - would have loved to try on the lge.
  4. I would die for Coach straw hat.
  5. I wanted to get the newsboy hat but I was too worried it wouldn't I never got to try it on so now I feel like it's too late :sad:
  6. HM...don't know my head size either but I know I wear a M/L in coach hats. Call the closest store and tell them what you want to buy and ask their advice in size. Plus then they'll ship it to you free.
  7. I LOVE Coach hats but I had a Gucci hat yet eventually sold it because I felt that it didn't suit me ...:s