Does anyone own a Chanel's Clutch? Opinion needed!!

Dec 19, 2007
Bon Vivant
Dear all:
I read about color faded for metallic 2.55 bag thread. Well, for a luxury bag like that, you probably have to be very "elegant" walking, eating, shopping,.....when carrying it. Luckily, I bought mine in 2007 with Dark Silver 227 size before Chanel increases their price. (The color is more like champagne.) It is by far the most expensive bag I ever spent. ($2495 + 8.25% tax) Now I notice tiny bit color faded at 1 bottom corner so far and I will definitely be very gentle with my bag for the rest of life. :love:

Here comes my question, does anyone own any "Chanel" clutch since it is so hot for 2008 to have a clutch carried just by hand? Or any brand name clutch is fine. And except for evening party, do you feel convenient to carry it around everyday? :confused1: I am a mom of 2 toddlers, one 9-mon. baby girl. :s Even though my Chanel Clutch is on the way to me...maybe by next Mon. but just need you all's opinions.

Thanks million.
I have the cavier clutch and I found it casual enough for everyday use. But I don't think it is good when your hands are busy with babies.. There is a reissue style clutch with a thin golden strap which I think might work better. You can wear the clutch on shoulder when you are busy..


Feb 13, 2006
i have 3 little ones as well and i think i've only used my clutch twice. i have a black patent and a red caviar. i prefer shoulder bags over the clutch for my lifestyle right now. maybe in a few years i'll have a clutch life, LOL. your DS reissue is stunning.


Jan 25, 2007
your dark metallic silver 227 is gorgeous!

i have a few designer clutches, including the timeless classic (which i adore by the way!). my 2 cents. clutches are great for evening-especially nice for going out to dinner and having a bag small enough to put on your lap that still looks elegant. i also like taking clutches to brunch, the movies, etc. for the same reason. basically sit down affairs.

when i'm going to be on the go i prefer a shoulder strap bag. (and at cocktail parties too, as it is hard to hold a drink, and your bag, and mingle!)


Dec 27, 2006
Up & Down the East Coast
Clutches are beautiful & have their place - but if I were dealing with little ones, I would be afraid that I would set it down & lose it. I didn't carry clutchs when my children were small - - but I do now when I go for a night out with my DH. :tender:


Jan 3, 2008
out of my suitcase
I just bought my first clutch.. the punk clutch. :love: I plan on using whenever I go out because it'll match with a lot of my clothes! I can't imagine using a clutch if I had kids, though.. unless they were at home with a sitter! :P
Nov 14, 2006
I've seen friends who put their nice clutches in a large tote bag (for example a neverfull or a bb cabas) when they are out with their kids. The large tote has all the kiddy stuff, and the clutch has the stuff mommy needs. :graucho: heh heh!


Jul 11, 2006
I want a clutch. But I want RED! I wear black as a staple when I dress up, so red would off-set it so well.