Does anyone own a bag made by Hype?

  1. Just wondering if any one owns a bag from Hype? How do those hold up?

  2. There are already a couple of Hype threads. You should do a search :yes:
    I have one, and i absolutely love it. However, i've only had it a few months, so i don't know how well it will hold-up long term.
    I think the general consensus is that you get what you pay for. It's great quality for the price (the leather is so smooshy soft!), but obviously you can't compare it to a higher end bag.
    Make sure you get one on sale, they're definately a steal for around $150. Cute and trendy :heart:
  3. I agree. I had one that I used for a long time, and it held up pretty well. I passed it on to my mom at the end of last year, so it's still going strong. I'm pretty hard on my everyday bag, so it withstood a lot of abuse during the time I used it. I purchased mine at Filene's Basement so look around for a good price!
  4. I had one for 2 or 3 years, and then recently sold it on eBay. I used it darn near everyday for a few months. It still looked great at the end! Well made!
  5. I recently bought one on Really nice. only downside, it cannot be carried over the shoulder.
  6. I got one about 4 years ago, and it has held up really well. Mine was just a simple design, nothing too trendy. It's definitely the best quality for the price imo.
  7. I'm going against the grain on what I bought (an arletty that I never use). I wouldn't pay more than 50 dollars for it and it has been on for that low with various styles so definitely don't pay full price for it unless you want to regret it! I think I payed around 130 for mine WITH a discount. Definitely not worth it imo. You can get a lot better quality bags and even some discounted bags for around the same price point of a full priced hype bag. Definitely won't buy that brand ever again. The leather leaves a lot to be desired. Only good thing I can say about it is compartments on the inside. I like my tano leather a lot better and it's around the same price point. I'd definitely rather save the money on a quality bag but if you get it for around 50 bucks on Amazon to try it first, before paying full price.

    I wanted to add my major peeve about the bag is one handle kept knocking off repeatedly. That is why I only wore it once. It felt and looked cheap to me and couldn't tell the difference between hype and a 30 dollar bag honestly.
  8. I've been carrying one that I bought at TJ Maxx for $119 a couple of months ago all week as it's been raining here and I don't want to ruin a designer bag. It's a dark burgandy textured patenty/glazed leather type finish hobo with a ton of pockets and brushed gold hardware with a leather/chain shoulder strap. The rain hasn't hurt it at all and since I paid so little for it, I don't worry about ruining it in bad weather. It also holds a lot and is lightweight.
  9. I also have the Arletty and a glazed purple tote. I don't mind the Arletty as it's a great bang around bag as it cannot get damaged in anyway. The leather is extremely STURDY. I have no troubles iwth the handles falling down, but wish the bag was deeper. The purple hobo is nice as well, and since it's cheap and pretty well made I like HYpe. Just don't pay full retail for it.
  10. I think they are cute trendy bags. I don't know about how long they'll last, probably depending on what kind of user you are but they have some really good deals on a lot of cute styles.