Does anyone own a 2005 white b-bag?? Please come in!

  1. I just got a 2005 white first. And it is not white. Was the 2005 white an ivory-ish color? I was hoping for a more WHITE white. Am I making sense? Maybe more like the 2006 white. But then again, I wasn't aware that there would be a huge difference between the two whites- they're both supposed to be WHITE!

    lol I apologize- I'm a tad bit peeved. The bag is okay- relatively clean, still has it's shine.. the handles are only a little dark which is okay by me. Just... it's so ivory. So off-white. So white.. and yet not white at all. Meh. :wondering:s:Push:

    Okay, end rant. :P
  2. Was it pre owned? It might be that the previous owner treated it. That can change light colored bags alot. It can turn white to an ivory or even a yellowish color.
  3. No.. She said she didn't treat it at all. It doesn't look treated either... =/
  4. Is it possible your bag is calcaire, not white?
  5. i have an 06 white first and a 04 or 05 white work and they are both white. i also had an 04 white twiggy and it was white when it was new. i do remember seeing a batch of whites from late 05 that looked dirtywhite when they were new in the store, so maybe yours in from that batch? pix?
  6. I have a white work 05 is ivory not off white..
  7. What do you use to treat your white bags??:yes:
  8. Deco and I both jsut got '04 whites and they are both more of a beautiful ivory. I was very pleasantly suprprised and happy that it was more ivory toned than gray. It is not yellowed, just a different shade of white. My s/s '06 Twiggy is a brighter white than my f/w '06 white city. Both have a hint of gray, but the f/w a little more gray. I heard from my SA at BNY that the s/s '07 white is even grayer. I guess we will see when they come in. It dould be that stark white doesn't have as much depth and shows dirt too easy. ???
  9. I had an 05 white, it was definitely ivory not white!
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