Does anyone over 5'8" own a 31 and 37 Bolide?

  1. Are there any tallish ladies out there who own both the 31 and 37 rigid Bolide? I'd love to hear how they differ when carried.

    I know the 37 is about 1 inch wider, 2 inches longer, and about 1 1/2 inches taller, including handles.

    Does the 37 seem that much bigger and clunkier than the 31?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. You are over 5'8"....... I am so jealous.
  3. No Rose, I understand you have a beautiful skin tone (according to hlfinn) and can wear gold next to your face - and I CAN'T! I'M so jealous!

    So many scarves you can own and love - they will never be mine! Waaaahhhh
  4. I'll swap my skin tone for a bit of height!
  5. You're so funny! I wish I could wear warm colors. Very limiting...
  6. Hey, give me a few inches too! I've ALWAYS wanted to be taller!!!!!!

    I think a fantastic 37cm Bolide would be just right on you KATE especially if it's in a nice, soft-ish leather like Clemence. You might be able to do a 31cm if it's in Chamonix or Box or Epsom....a stiffer leather will make the bag look bigger, KWIM? But you might be more comfy with the 37cm.

    I first look to see if the bag can hold all my stuff and then I make sure it looks proportionally right with my size and frame. This is why I buy 28cm Kelly's, 30cm Birkins and my Chamonix Bolide is a 31cm. 37cm would be too large for me but would suit you PERFECTLY!

    Any color in mind?
  7. Well, I have two 31 rigid Bolides, gold and indigo. At this point, I really like the shape of the rigid Bolide. So that's my dilemma - I don't know if the 37 is that much bigger feeling in the rigid when carried, given it's only a few inches either way.

    And after MaggieD's chevre disrobing, I would LOVE a chevre raisin 31 (or 37?) with palladium hw! Yummmmmy.
  8. I'm under 5'8" and tried the 31 rigid and soft, and 37 rigid and soft, and found that the 31 soft looked too small on me and the 37 rigid too big, but that the other too were fine.
  9. I'm 5'9" and have a 31 bolide in clemence, which I think is perfect for me, but as with all things, your mileage may vary.

    If you're tall, I don't think the difference between 31 and 37 is that much. (If you're not tall, just remember how much more comfortable you are the next time you fly coach!)
  10. Well, I am 5'7" and I have a 31 mou and when I tried on the 37 rigid in the store it looked just fine and dandy! I thought there would be a much bigger difference between these sizes.....

    Katel, whatcha got cookin????:graucho: :graucho:
  11. Katel, I think it's such a different look -- rigid v. mou. I tried a 31cm Ostrich and loved its proper elegance, and then tried a 37cm Clemence and was smitten with it's casual elegance. Since I've already got a couple of rigid Kellys, I've got the proper elegance thing covered. I'm going for the casual elegant look.

    Which look are you going for?
  12. CobaltBlu......nothin.......:rolleyes:

    It seems everywhere I look, there are 37s available, but fewer 31s...and not having a boutique nearby to try them out myself, I really appreciate the pros here weighing in!

    Millstream - I currently love the Bolides rigid and my Kellys retourne - go figure! (Course I reserve the right to switch over at some point and collect slouchy Bolides and sellier Kellys!)
  13. My first H bag was a Retournee Kelly, and now I'm a Sellier Kelly fan. While the rigid Bolide appeals to me, it's the slouchy one that makes my heart beat faster (at the moment -- I reserve the right to change my mind, too). Thank goodness we don't all gravitate to the same bags!