Does anyone out there own an Ollie?

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  1. I just received a black one today from LVR and I have to say this is the most distressed beat-up leather (in a good way) that I have ever seen any where in my life!!!! Some ladies here were not crazy for this bag when it first came out but I gave it a chance and I love it. The studds are not blingy at all. And the softness of this leather is TDF. Seriously--if any of you out there want to take a chance, NAP has a chocolate one for half off! I love all the pockets and the size is perfect for me too.
  2. Maybe you could post some pics so we can get a better idea of how it looks? Those NAP, LVR, NM pics never do them justice!
  3. Don't you just hate it when you bought an item for full priced then you saw one half priced? It happened to me quite few times now. But returning an item is not my thing so i kept them then buy the bargains anyway! Hope you can post pictures so we can drool on your new bag. I haven't seen one IRL.
  4. I have seen it IRL, and completely agree, it looks soooo much better when you see it. But even at half off, I must confess to not being that tempted by this one!
  5. I'm trying to up load the pics and I'm having trouble. Any idea how to do it? It seem to take forever!!
  6. i love the black, congrats!!!
  7. I think I did it now.
    PA280008.JPG PA280010.JPG PA280011.JPG
  8. Here are some more
    PA280012.JPG PA280013.JPG
  9. very :cool: !!!

  10. YES!!! But in this case, I don't feel too badly because I really wanted the black and NAP has the brown. Plus it's a $2,000 bag and through LVR I got it for under $1500.
  11. Thanks - I think so too.:yahoo:
  12. I saw this bag at Nordies. You are right. The texture is extremely soft and distressed. It has a very matte finish. It's kind of a "not quite suede" texture if that makes any sense! It's a good size too. Not too big or too small. Congrats on your purchase!!!
  13. Thanks annabelle - and you are right about the texture - great description!!
  14. I'm debating whether to get the Ollie from NAP, or the Alexander McQueen Mini Novak with dragon (or Wyrm!) clasp.

    I know - chalk and cheese! :biggrin: But that's me - one extreme or the other, LOL! :upsidedown:

    Please can you tell me where the drop of the bag comes on you, when it's on your shoulder? If you could also tell me your height, that would be very helpful. :flowers:
  15. I'm 5'2" and the drop, when on my shoulder, is a little longer than a medium paddy satchel. It's very comfortable. You can hold it by hand too. HTH:smile: