Does anyone out there make their own jewelry?

  1. Elizat... thanks so much for that video link again! I watched a whole bunch of them from Karla and have learned so much! Wow, there's so much about beading I did'nt know and I'm even more excited to try these things out... I will be able to make my jewelry much more polished with all of these techniques! WOO HOO! :yahoo:
  2. That's what I do! I don't tie them like shoes though because those types of knots come undone more easily. I use one I don't know the name of and also square knots... see this link for a diagram of tying a square knot:
  3. choozen1ne- I like your multi strand pieces a lot- very pretty!

    purple coach- your shell and stone pieces are very cool! I like a lot of your things, but those are my favorites.

    TygerKitty- glad the videos helped you! I've learned from a lot from her too. Her instructions are clear and easy to understand. I don't wrap quite the way she does, but I would guess most of us do it a bit different once we get the hang out of it.
  4. thanks! yup, it's shells, the only downside is that they got kind of scratched so i don't wear it anymore.
  5. ditto! maybe i will attempt something like that :yes:
  6. Thanks for the link to the video elizat. I just watched a bunch of them and now I want to go and get some supplies! This thread may be very bad for me. Everytime I see what people are making I want to go get beads and make more jewelry! I guess I know what everyone in my family will be getting for Christmas this year. I just need to finish my scarves so I have time for the jewelry!
  7. ^ I know... I've never done a wire wrap ring before b/c I don't think I'd actually wear it, but the videos make me want to try it! I am not quite sure how to do a halo or decorative wire circle around the center though, like I've seen w/ some rings. I think that would look really cool w/ a square stone.
  8. I made wire rings with beads one them before. Mine are a little different than the ones from the video. I put a lot of beads on mine. I think I will just dig out a bunch of my stuff and take pictures so I can post.
  9. i love beading and making jewelry. i haven`t done so in a while though since i had my son. i will post pics soon.
    thanks to everyone for posting pics, it is great inspiration and nice to see everyone`s creativity!
  10. I LOVE all of these! Especially the wreath necklace and the bracelets with the hearts! The multi-strand green and natural colors necklace is to die for too! You are extremely talented and I really love your eye for design!
  11. oooo! i just stumbled into the arts & crafts forum! Everyone's designs are very cute! I've been making my own jewelry ever since I was in grade school. I'll add pics later when I get home.
  12. Can't wait to see momo!
  13. I don't make jewelery very often. When I do it's usually pretty simple (I like sewing & designing more) but I was at Michaels the other day & saw some charms on sale. SO, I picked up a matching gunmetal tone chain & made a lariat. I probably spent as much time buying the parts as actually hooking up the parts with jump rings.
    necklace1.JPG Necklace2.JPG Necklace3.JPG Necklace4.JPG
  14. I make my own jewlery!! I love making jewlery..even in Highschool i make some cute litlte pieces for myself haha :smile:
    I've made quite a few items, but these are the only ones i have pics of:
    These are little heart studs i made from buttons!! then filled in the holes with paints, and glued them onto round backings

    Necklaces with ceramic/ stone pendants
  15. ^ Oh, that is pretty! It's really fun too, Galligator!

    I am loving this thread and all the photos from everyone!

    I just finished a necklace tonight that is two strand w/ green aventurine, smoky quartz and shells. I took a picture of the necklace I did for my mom for Christmas too- hers is pink and white pearls, rhodonite, and smoky quartz. Sorry the picture is kind of cut off and foggy...