Does anyone out there make their own jewelry?

  1. Does anyone sell their jewellery at craft fairs/school fairs?

    I generally do wedding jewellery from the shop I work in, and have been offered stocking in bridal shops (but have turned them down so far). I've done jewellery parties and I'm starting an art gallery workshop next month

    I did set up an etsy shop but closed it after two weeks as it just seemed too complicated and I hate not being able to communicate face to face with my buyers to show them different ideas. There was too much emphasis on writing policies imo which made me nervous since it's not something I know a lot about.

    I had a lady asking me if I'd be interested in a stall on a fair but I don't currently hold 'stock', I just have a lot of stuff I made for myself and as demo pieces. Do people spend enough at small fairs to even cover the cost of transport and a table? Really not sure if it would be worth it, and I'd be so let down if I made loads of stock which didn't sell :/
  2. i LOVE doing craft fairs and school and churches. i do my best there and they're typically the least expensive than when other groups put one together.
    and it really depends on the price of getting a table/booth. My ideal price is about $30. And you also want to have stuff that is different prices. maybe some stuff that's really inexpensive... a few pieces that are expensive... you really never know what people will buy.

    For about a year I had some necklaces that I had priced at about $25-35 and they sat and sat.. then I did a church show in oct last year and i sold 3-4 of them. if you have something that is different and unique - people will buy.

    i was just going to come in here and whine about one that i want to be in lol
    there's one at the end of april that i would really like to sell at but they are limiting their amount of jewelry vendors to 4. i said i have other stuff that would add variety but they just felt it wouldn't be fair to their other jewelry vendors to also let me sell my jewelry. so i had to pass on a table completely all together. kind of a bum deal cause i was really hoping to find a couple spring shows to do. but oh well! i asked them to put me on their mailing list for next week.
  3. Thanks, dear. You are always so supportive and encouraging. :smile:
  4. finally ordered my mannequin off eBay so i can take GOOD photos of my necklaces lol
    and it only cost me a little over $20! :tup:
  5. that's a great deal!:tup:
    looking forward to your photos!
  6. it's still in the box because i got it thursday but headed out of town right after work and just got back about 30 min ago (8:30pm-ish). i'm hoping i can bust it out tomorrow after all my normal weekend chores (taking the day off work cause i was on the road for 12 hours today). i'm excited! except i guess i need to find a shirt for it first.... lol
  7. RE the toroso-form needing a shirt: I realized that after I got mine. So I bought it a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt.

    The upper torso form works really well for modeling my jewelry (for pics), but I've ordered a full dress form with a pin-able surface so I can design better and more intricately layered and draping necklaces. Can't wait for that delivery! I have all my designs and materials ready to go!!!!
  8. I almost ordered a torso in my size so it could just wear my tops lol but this one was cheaper. i might ask my friend who's a small if she has a shirt or two she wouldn't mind giving up and maybe a bra too cause the pointy boobs bother me lol
  9. Moleskin or small band aids :lol:
  10. ohh good idea! haha
  11. I make bracelets out of candy wrappers. How do you guys find your supplies for these bracelets?
  12. hobby lobby, michaels, joanne's fabric, etsy.

    that's basically everywhere where i buy mine :smile:

    hobby lobby has jewelry stuff on sale A LOT. like 50% off sales. they switch it up about every 3 weeks. it used to be every other week the same group of stuff was on sale but now it seems to be a 3 week rotation.

    michaels you can get 40% off coupons just about every week from their website. hobby lobby also has a 40% off coupon each week for stuff that isn't onsale.

    i've also been getting a bunch of joann coupons too and they take competitor coupons. i like joann coupons a lot better because it's usually one coupon per item, not one coupon per transaction (and usually per day) like michaels and hobby lobby.
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    Yes, I do! I even make jewelries for my family and friends. At some point, I challenged myself to finish a piece of jewelry a day --- I ended up with so much that I decided to start selling them.

    not allowed!
  14. I've wanted to start making jewellery. I love crafting and have been meaning to have a go at making myself some pieces. Just need to order myself some pieces in.
  15. I took a little sabbatical from jewelry making, as I was madly designing and purchasing supplies. So, after a few months of brainstorming, sketching, and hunting down the perfect supplies, here are a few recent fun things I've created...

    Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) & Milagros Cuff

    For the upcoming October/November Holiday fun...

    Dia de los Muertos Rosey-Eyed Skull