Does anyone out there make their own jewelry?

  1. I have been making my own jewelry for a few years now. Nothing spectacular, just some fun pieces, and I was wondering if anyone else is making jewelry.

    I would love to see some of the ideas you have come up with and what materials you are using.

    I mostly do beaded items, but I want to branch out and try something new. So I guess I am just looking for some ideas.
  2. Mine are just boring beaded bracelets, but I'm also working on the resin jewelry as you know. :graucho:

    I've been making a bunch of my felt pins for my mom's gift baskets so the jewelry has had to take a backseat for a bit.
  3. yes, i do! mine is pretty basic beaded stuff. i'll take some pics over the weekend of newer stuff but i do have some posted....lemme find them
  4. here's some old stuff:

  5. ^ooo Tracy, your stuff is beautiful! I tried my hand at jewelry making once, but I wasn't so great at it. Then again, I just don't think I had the right materials. This will sound lame, but how do you attach the pieces on the end that hook the bracelets together? What materials do you use? I have lots of beads still and would love to make some more, but I guess I just need step by step instructions?
  6. Those are pretty Tracy. That is the kind of thing that I make. I like using the stretchy cord as well.

    jeh3v ~ You need to get crimp beads to put on there. They are tiny little beads (you can find them at any craft store in the jewelry section) that go on the beading wire. You thread the wire through it, through the clasp, and then back through the bead. Then you crimp it with a pair of crimping pliers, or regular ones would probably work too. Hope this helped you out.
  7. I've just started out beading bracelets, but would love to see some pics for inspiration!
  8. I need to search for some pics of mine.
  9. Here are a few of the things I recently made. I know I have more pictures somewhere, I just have to find them.
    IMG_2072a.jpg IMG_2090a.jpg IMG_2300a.jpg IMG_2303a.jpg
  10. Lol everyone elses are more interesting, I had just made these kind of bracelets for friends last year:

  11. I've made a few beaded things as well. I relly liked using seashells.
  12. [​IMG]

    Sweetwon I love these! Very unique, did you just twist the wire yourself or did you use some sort of shaper?

    Tracy your bracelets are so pretty! I love the use of all the different shaped beads!

    I, too, make beaded jewelry. My friend Jules had gorgeous earrings in one day and I asked her where she got them and she said she made them and I was like WOAH! Haha, so I was bound and determined to learn to make jewelry last summer and I did... spent a fortune too getting all the supplies ;)! Now I have oodles of beads and no time to make anything! I will try to find some pics but I won't have anything new for quite a while. The one thing I keep trying to get better at is watches; my mom loves unique watches and I try to make her a few per year! Otherwise, I make necklaces, earrings and bracelets/anklets like most people!

    Can't wait to see everyone's items!
  13. Ok, I'll post pics of some of the things I did last summer and a few things since then!

    Pic 1 - Aqua/gray necklace and matching bracelet, earrings

    Pic 2 - Elephant necklace and bracelet for my grandma last christmas

    Pic 3 - Close up of the elephant charm part

    Pic 4 - A blue and green tri-strand necklace

    Pic 5 - Cream shell/bead necklace on ribbon and earrings
    Aqua and Gray Pearl.JPG Elephant Necklace.JPG Elephant Close-Up.JPG Blue-Green Necklace.JPG Creams.JPG
  14. Pic 1 - Black and white simple anklet, small flowery red/black/white bracelet

    Pic 2 - Coral and white anklet with two pairs of earrings

    Pic 3 - Pale pink dragonfly bracelet (gift for my sister in law) and my favorite pink necklace that I've made

    Pic 4 - Pink and gray "pearl" bracelet and earring set for my sister in law

    Pic 5 - Red and silver flower bracelet and earring set; red and silver necklace... love the spiral bead holders on this... I need to get more of those!
    Black and White.JPG Coral and White.JPG Pale Pink.JPG Pink and Gray Pearl.JPG Red and Silver.JPG
  15. Pic 1 and 2 - the green and brown jewelry (necklace is cut in half between the two pics at the top lol)

    Sorry those pics are kinda blurry; and not all of the earrings are on earring hooks yet, but that's what they are ;)

    Pic 3 - a mish mash of some pink and/or purple jewelry I've made, the small ring on the right is a toering! LOL!

    Pic 4 - Long red and peach necklace for my aunt last Christmas

    Pic 5 - Turquoise/copper/green/silver necklace and bracelet for my other aunt for Christmas last year
    Greens.JPG Browns.JPG Pinks and Purples.JPG Red and Peach Necklace.JPG Turquoise.JPG