Does anyone out there have the capri muffler?

  1. I have a $50 gift certificate to Elux that I got from friends for my birthday, and I have been thinking long and hard over what to spend it on! I don't want to spend it on something too expensive; I'm trying to save for going to Germany with family in December so I can maybe buy a bag there (because its cheaper!) soooo I've been trawling elux, and I saw the capri muffler and fell in love - it looks so pretty!

    Does anyone have one? Do you like it? Have any pictures of you wearing it? It may be utterly impractical because it's probably not a very warm scarf, but it does look really pretty...

    Here's the elux link: eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton, Capri Muffler,scarf, muffler, stole,ac
  2. I had one before but already sold it. I wore it once around my neck and you can wear it around your hair but I didn't really like how it was all silk because it was hard to manage. I like the cotton ones better because they're easier to fold. It's really pretty though. I think LVbabydoll has one too! She can give you a different opinion. =)
  3. bump bump bump...anyone?
  4. I don't really know if this is exactly the same thing but this is what I have. Mine is more square though, not rectangular like the elux one. Eh. Anyway, I use it sometimes but I tend to like the bandeaus better because they're more versatile and the design doesn't disappear when you wear it. Also, this one isn't meant to be warm, just decorative. It'd look cute on or around your shoulders every once in awhile, or around your neck, depending on how you'd like to wear it.