does anyone order from 866 vuitton?

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  1. will they include the dust bag and box for the package?
    can i return or exchange? forget to ask them

    thank you
  2. It will come from the warehouse in whatever it was shipped in. If they don't have the item you are looking for. They will locate a boutique that has the item and you can request the SA to include all of the above.:flowers:
  3. i already ordered yesterday from the boutique, forget to say the dust bag, i thought they will include. :sad:
  4. What did you purchase?
  5. i just called them, they said they have the same policy as eluxury, will include the dust bag, and box. i am happy
  6. panda pouchette, i love the panda.
  7. Congrats!

    Think most of the pochette especially panda will come with a dustbag.
  8. thanks,
  9. How funny! The only and only time I used the 866 number was to get my hands on the Panda Pochette almost two years ago. Congrats on the new purchase!

  10. I think everything comes with a dust bag. Everything I've ever bought from a Cles to a Speedy came with one. :smile:
  11. I called them once and placed an order, it came with a box and a dustbag. Just like at the store.