Does anyone notice your authentic LV?

  1. Since everywhere you look there are fakes, do you ever have anyone notice your LV is actually REAL??

    I personally haven't, except for my friends and family who know I only buy authentic stuff...

    I figured people would just assume you are carrying a fake....what do you ladies think?
  2. I think salespeople notice.. but honestly, I don't really notice reactions all that well. :shame:
  3. like you, only my friends and family know that i carry the real thing.

    although sometimes i think i'd rather not have anyone notice what i'm carrying, because some people tend to fawn over it, which makes me uncomfortable because then i'll feel bad for spending so much money on bags when everyone else around me can't afford to.

    my boyfriend's roommates can't afford expensive things, so whenever i'm over at his place the roommates would make a big fuss of my bags and other designer accessories. note: his roommates are guys.
  4. My guy friends will give me crap about my bags especially.....they're like OMG my car costs less than that! etc.

    They joke, but sometimes it can make me feel uncomfortable.
  5. i carried my petite bucket today and got plenty of weird stares. i dunno if they were thinking it's fake or trying to guess. it's already has a beautiful patina because i've had it for almost 2 years now so i don't know why they'd think it's fake. i don't normally notice reactions but today was just strange.
  6. Family and friends know my "problem" but anytime they asked how much I spend for it, I always tell them way cheaper than I paid because I don't really feel good about it. I can tell the real price to friends who also have great appreciation to designer items.
  7. I always tell my mom it was like $400 or something....
    But it doesn't help when my friends later on tell her how much it REALLY cost...oops..
    o well she's used to it now i guess...

    My best friend always yells at me cause she thinks i'm crazy......she doesn't appreciate designer stuff...she wears carhartts. :P
  8. I don't know if anyone notices or not. It doesn't bother me if they think it is fake or not. I know it's real and that's enough for me.
  9. I agree with Coachwife6!
  10. I'm sure people think my LVs are fake, since I'm young, and fakes are everywhere. I see more fake LVs than I do real ones :P But I don't give a rat's behind, I know they're real :amuse:
  11. I was thinking about this today -- I just bought a stunning MJ from Jill. It is just a great, great bag. It made ME feel good wearing it. And when I feel good wearing something, I think it reflects in my look and my attitude. Does that make sense?
  12. A few around here since most around here bags are fake.

    I saw the most hideous Neo Speedy with what-I-guess was trying to be alligator trim at the ballpark yesterday sitting next to shelled peanuts and beer.
  13. Only my friends and family know that my purses are real. I'm not sure about other people. It's true that there are so many fakes out there. It's hard to tell sometimes.
  14. If they do, they don't say anything. I guess living in LA, it's no big deal.
  15. It all depends on where I am. Some areas of town, if I see a girl with an LV, I'm really sure it's fake. Especially when they don't even hide the fact there are no LVs on the purse just every other symbol. That's what deterred me from buying LV (bought my first one this week). However, I go other areas where these ladies have the most gorgeous LV bags. It all depends on how you carry yourself.