Does Anyone NOT Return A Bag?

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  1. Unless there is an actual defect with the bag I don't understand all these posters who spend money on luxury bags and then just decide well never mind I'll just return it. Please explain to me the process of detachment because the minute I have a new bag it is like family!
  2. Just because I spent $$$ on it, doesn't mean I automatically love it! There are times when I just don't bond with a bag and for what they cost these days, it has to be true love. This would probably happen only when I've ordered online, sight unseen. What I don't do, is use the bag for any period of time and return it. Wait... after thinking about that, I did exchange a Paddy that I used a couple of times. There are probably others, but for the most part, I don't use and abuse a bag and then return it.... although I enjoy ordering from Saks/NM/BG because they DO allow that. =)
  3. I think I'm detached until I KNOW that this is the bag for me. You often don't know that until you try it out with different outfits, etc. I guess I figure the bag isn't family until it belongs...
  4. Me too! I'm not attached until I know for sure it's a keeper, and that I didn't just buy on a whim! With what I pay, I need to make sure I'm in absolute LOVE!!
  5. I like to take things home, look at them with the clothes in my closet, ask my sisters what they think, etc. If I'm not sure by then, it goes back. My rule is "when in doubt, don't." I can't afford to buy an expensive bag that gets carried once or twice.

    BUT I would never carry a bag and then return unless there was a defect.
  6. I'm really picky about my bags. I have to try it on, try it with my stuff in it, see how it looks with my wardrobe, and be sure it's not awkward to carry or access. That's tough to do rationally with a salesperson hanging over you. As long as the bag hasn't been used and I haven't kept it more than a few days, I have no problem with returning. Besides, usually I turn around and buy something else!
  7. I think its okay to return bags without defect as long as it doesnt become a chronic thing. Sometimes things dont look as good at the store as they do at home.
  8. I don't return bags, I just exchange them. I am a very indecisive person so a lot of time after I bring a bag home I change my mind. but 2 times is the max times i will exchange for. I feel like the SAs hate me after that.
  9. I posted why I returned my perforated speedy on my original thread. To mention again, I liked it when nothing was in the bag. I saw it IRL at the store but when I bought and put my stuff in, I didn't like how it's saggy. The sagginess??? just didn't go well with perforated speedy. I have speedy 25 which I like but didn't enjoy perforated speedy. And that's one of the reasons that I returned.
  10. i never return anything. i spend so much time thinking about a purchase that i already love the bag before i buy it. i don't buy a bag that expensive until i'm 100% sure that i want it. so no buyer's remorse yet.
  11. If I'm set on getting a particular bag, I do my research first like would the bag be too big or too small, do I like the leather that sort of thing so I can avoid returning it or exchanging it unless there is a defect. Before I puchase it I inspect the bag inside out. I know it's a little neurotic but I want to be a 100% satisfied :biggrin:
  12. Hooray for JJ!!
  13. Many of the bags I return are those I've purchased online or sight unseen. Sometimes they are not as expected--too big, too small, they hang weird, color is wrong, etc. Occasionally, I'll purchase a bag in person and then decide that it's not what I needed. It's really hard for me to be absolutely sure until I can try the bag at home with various outfits and load it up to see how it hangs with my stuff inside.
    Sometimes I even return a bag I truly love (Stam for example) because after sleeping on it for a few days I realize it's simply not functional or doesn't match my lifestyle. Of course, I would never return a bag I used, even if for just a few hours. That's what ebay is for!
  14. My situation is the same as valerie's. Almost all the bags I purchase are sight unseen. Since I haven't been able to gauge the bag IRL, sometimes they don't live up to my expectations upon arrival. I suppose if I only purchased bags IRL, then I would never make returns.
  15. I mostly return bags I've bought online or sight unseen - and it's usually because I find a defect or something quality-related I don't like.