Does anyone NOT like the Fendi Spy?

I am just wondering if everyone on the planet loves the Fendi Spy Bag or if there is anyone at all out there...even one person, who has doubts or does not like it at all. And if you do exist, you special person, what do you like?

To be totally honest, (none of you lovers shoot me), when I first saw the bag last Spring 2005, before I knew anything about it being so "IT" and carried by every celeb, I thought it looked like an skinned upsidedown animal with its legs tied together and a misplaced central penis. Then, after I heard so much buzz, I looked at it again, and I told myself, "Well, it must be great...hey, it is great!"

Does everyone out there genuinely love this bag, or do we follow eachother's likes, or do some people dislike it a little or at all? If everyone likes this the first handbag ever created that every woman on the planet would and should buy? (Or is every IT bag something we all want because...simply's IT.)

I'm by no means a spy bag hater, nor am I a passionate lover. I am just looking at it, and looking at it again, and thinking, do I want one? Or don't I? Is it great? Is it perfect? Or...upside down animal?



Bonne vivante
Oct 24, 2005
Now that I've seen one up close, I'm less than enthralled. The bags I saw are HUGE, and I didn't see any interior pockets other than the clasp compartment on the flap. I'm liking the style of the Spy hobos better, quite frankly.


Jan 6, 2006
i don't like it because of the shape and this penis handle like you said it lol. for me it doesn't have anything that i love about a bag like stlyle and beauty but that's maybe because i am a traditional lv/chanel type. different people different likes!


latest obsession :
Nov 18, 2005
yup, i don't like the spy, i like the hobo better. it's huge, and looks pretty hideous in brown. that's the worst color out of them all, it looks much nicer in blue or the hologram color. but even the hobo brown looks yucky...

much prefer the paddington, balenciaga, dior gaucho, and novak!!!


En Vogue
Sep 13, 2005
i don't know, it kinda grew on me. when i first saw it i thought it looked kinda weird, now i'd sell my soul to have one. i liked the paddington a lot less as well when i first saw it. now i think it's an ok bag, i still don't get the big frenzy, though.


Jan 9, 2006
I saw one with ridges in the center and it reminded me of an armadillo.

Also, the opening on the top seems small - what could you fit through there?

I like the idea of a circular bag, but it wouldn't work for me. I need to be able to fit schoolwork in mine.


Jan 8, 2006
HA HA, upside down animal!!! :blink:
At first i thought it was quite different looking and thought, nah its just not me! BUT now since i've been on this forum, i've been looking at them more - its another big bag that ables me to fit all my crap in it!!! so, yeah its growing on me - but i dont think i could ever afford one. :shame: