Does anyone NOT have a date code??

  1. Hi all,

    I was reading throught the threads about date codes and I then went to look at my own. My Manhattan PM - I can't find it at all! Also the sm. make up case I bought at the LV store - no date code, can't find it on my zip wallet either. My agenda has one and so does my Cabas Piano, and pochettes. Does anyone either know where these are, or do you have some pieces also w/ no date codes? PS: I bought everything either throught he LV store or Elux. Thanks!
  2. they must have date codes. with some its very hard to read.. i'm going to guess your manhattan is along the seam of the insise pocket ..

    It might hard to read.. Maybe take the bag outside with better light.

    your zippy should be in one of the pockets .. [​IMG]

    again along the seam.. .. your makeup case the same ..

  3. Bag Fetish,

    You are good!!!! I found every one of them!!! In exactly the place you said. Wow, thanks a lot!!
  4. Glad to help :biggrin:
  5. You won't find a date code in the "baby" papillion that comes with its "mommy" Papillion 30. There is the LV trademark inside though. Not sure if there are any other tiny pieces that don't have date codes.