Does anyone moisturize the Canvas on their bag?

  1. Last year while in LV, a SA who isn't my usual told me that I should moisturize the CANVAS part of my bag twice a year with the cheapest body lotion I could find. Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone else do it? He said it helps the canvas from flaking and getting dry. Am I the only nut that moisturizes her bags? :yes:
  2. Wow I have never done this with any of my coated canvas bags! I have no idea on this one, sorry
  3. But isn't it waterproof? How would this work?
  4. Does the canvas really sorb it in :confused1:
  5. Yes, whenever I Apple Condition the vachetta, I do the canvas too. It helps keep it supple (no cracking) and gently cleans it.
  6. Wow, never heard of that!
  7. I've never heard of this, either! But, I've always wondered about moisturizing the canvas since it does grow thin and dry...
  8. I had never heard of that either, all of these years! This is the 2nd time I've done it (only once a year, oops) and I think I'm going to continue doing it.
  9. The Apple Conditioner also gives the canvas a nice sheen. I do it to my Damier bags too as well as all my Mono and Damier accessory pieces.
  10. Nope. I just wipe it down. It's coated canvas.

  11. I agree:yes: i also have also moisturised my LVs, and it really does protect the canvas from cracking etc, and leaves it with a lovley sheen, just use either the appleguarde spray or the conditioner.

  12. hm i havnt heard of this...but i think i may try it now that you mention it..cant do any harm i guess
  13. never heard of it. . . . . .
    although i do sometimes clean the canvas with baby wipes
  14. Never done it! It seems weird - can't imagine that the canvas would absorb anything, and mine have been through some crazy Canadian winters!
  15. I moisturize my bags' canvases with Apple Leather Conditioner. I do it in hopes to prevent the canvas from cracking in our harsh Canadian weather :yes: And it feels so soft after conditioning!!