Does anyone mix n' match?

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  1. is it weird to have a Coach wallet and Coach bag not match?
    I love the bag I am carrying now (signature soho satchel) and my zoe wallet I just got last weekend, but of course they are different colors and don't match.

    Just wondering if Im the only weird one that this doesn't bother? Sure I'd LOVE to have all matching pieces and all, but right now, Im happy for all I got and plan to get. LOL

    So is it weird? tacky? Does anyone else do this? If so and you have time, I'd love to see what you mix n' match! :biggrin:
  2. I don't match my wallet with the bag. I have more bags than wallet. It doesn't bother if my wallet does not match with the bag that I'm using. It's just a personal choice.
  3. I don't always match. I just use my 2 ergo capacity wristlets in all my bags (they are white and pink). I have 2 legacy clutch wallets (one black and one gray). I am thinking of getting a brown one. They are my favorite wallets, so I foresee using these as long as they will hold up.
  4. I don't match my stuff at all. Right now, I am using my Signature Stripe Tote and it has my Op Art Wristlet, Soho Leather Wallet-Magenta, Madison Leather MS-Teal, and Coated Tattersall Cosmetic Case.
  5. I don't match either. I use my ergo wallet in ALL my bags! It's my fav....
  6. this is whats in my black sig/gunmetal satchel...I prefer to NOT match actually! Its a nice rainbow when I open it up....
    DSC03386.jpg DSC03387.jpg
  7. Lately my stuff doesn't match either. Someday I would love to have a matching set, though. :smile:
  8. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. I have several wallets, so mostly I just coordinate them with the bag, and if I dont have a color that goes, I use my black one. I have 5 Legacy french purses and really love them!
  9. Nope, I don't match. I am too particular about what kind of wallet I like to use and the ones that match my bags are not always the ones I like. Sometimes the color matches by chance. Like someone said above I like having that variation in colors and style.
  10. I always mix and match. Like Stacy and Clinton say..."it doesn't have to match, it has to go"....
  11. I don't match at all. I like the variety. Also, the accessories I use depends on the bag I'm carrying. For the bigger bags, I use my french purse, which I adore to bits. It doesn't fit in my smaller bags though so that's where the wristlets come in handy.
  12. I use my camel Legacy slim env wallet daily.
    No way do I have time to switch out all the stuff on a daily basis.
    I guess I'm lazy...don't ever want to switch the wallet around.
  13. I totally agree. I love my wallet; it took ages to find one I liked. And I don't have the time to change everything in and out of it every time I change bags, which really isn't that often! So I only match by coincidence.
  14. My preference is to never match, but I always coordinate the colors of my accessories to each other and to the bag itself. I like opening my bag and seeing a variety of similar colors/shades rather than everything looking exactly the same.

    Here 2 interior pics:
    IMGP1519tPF.jpg IMGP1524tPF.jpg
  15. My wallet, writstlet and bags do not match. I would love to have a matched set, but I don't really care to coordinate everything.