Does anyone make a style broadly similar to canvas HAC?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'd like some advice for hunting down a bag in the general style of a toile HAC. Google just returns those knock-off sites, but that is NOT what I'm after.

    I've seen quite a few companies make nice bags with enough individuality that nobody would ever confuse them with anything fraudulent e.g. YSL Sac de Jour, which I think is a nice Birkin tribute, although it's still too expensive for me. I'm wondering if anyone makes something more like a HAC i.e. a canvas tote with decent leather across the top.

    I'll proudly carry a less expensive bag until I can afford an HAC, but I'm buying a Sac a Depeche first, so it could be a while...

    I normally wouldn't post this type of query on an Hermes lover forum, but such is the world we live in that it's easier to find fakes than legitimate alternatives, and I'm hoping someone with more experience has come across something that might be suitable.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. To answer my own question, the Herbag might be worth a look. Did they ever make a big one? I love the simplicity of the design, and I don't know why I didn't consider it before.

  3. Maybe Garden Party?
  4. Thank you HermesBB. For some reason I decided early on that the Garden Party was not for me, but looking at it again following your post, I realise that there's quite a variety, and there is probably one that is perfect for me.

    It's between that and the Herbag. I think the Herbag is more what I was looking for initially -I love its almost rustic simplicity, but I think the right bag will probably choose me, and not the other way around :smile:
  5. hi john, i think there are actually a couple of bags that perhaps swing more to the masculine side if that was you question..

    at any rate, Sac a Depeche is a wonderfully design and made bag that i am also eyeing

    GP without zipper/closure is more causal if i may add - so maybe herbag is something more like what you have in mind

    id suggest you consider victoria also - its a very nicely structured bag - a little heavy for my liking but perhaps it doesnt bother you at all

    and if you want to go all the way to causal, id suggest evelyn/jyserie as a shoulder bag that is very modern

    hope this gives you something to work with =) best of luck hunting
  6. I love the Herbag - GM size in terms of a 'big bag' would be great! Good luck!
  7. Yes they do, but hurry up, 39 cm won't be produced any more and 50 (I guess it's 50) is REALLY hard to find. But mind, that the herbag is really a herbag- it loosk quite feminin. I have one and asked my DH to try it on and it looked totally creepy. Did you check the traveler bags they also have?
  8. ah, let me check that out for you, I have one in my mind...
  9. here, I found it: (the website shows all of them, I meant the Aline bag)

    the color isn't so overwhelming but I think, they had it once in salt and pepper canvas, which I totally liked.

    And these two I liked a lot, but they are more pricey than the herbag and are not "HAC"-design as well...
  10. @madisonmamaw Thank you for your help. The Victoria looks interesting, particularly with all of the different options.
    @Charee Thank you. A really big one would be great.

    @millivanilli thank you both for your advice about the Herbag, and also for the information about the other bags -which are lovely.

    Thank you all again.
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