Does anyone lurke here but NOT own a Balenciaga...yet?

  1. I've been on tpf for 7 months...and I religiously check the Balenciaga threads but have yet to muster up the courage (and money :P ) to buy one! I love the leather, I love the style, I love the various colors...but I just can't get over that "should i...shouldn't i" hump.:shrugs:

    Anyone else feel this way? Anyone out there *felt* this way but eventually gave in?? :rolleyes:
  2. It took me almost a year to get one- so then I could feel like I could come out of hiding and talk on this forum... always was a lurker... ;)
  3. the bad thing about this forum (sorry girls!) is that you'll definitely eventually buy one if you continue to lurk! haha. it's just SOOO hard to resist all the beautiful rainbow colors.
  4. i had bid on one about the 3rd day after joining the forum and knowing they exist!!!!

    and approximately 10 days later i recieved one!!!

    When i obssess about something... it's for real!!!
  5. me i don't own one yet! it's because it's alot of money for me and it has to be the perfect colour (i also can't decide between a first and a city). rouge 05 was my perfect colour and i must admit, rouge viv this season just doesn't do it for me the same way. so i'm still uhming and ahhing.

    also a chloe pocket paddington on sale cut the line :yahoo:
  6. I bought my first Bbag about 10 days after joining, then my second about 4 weeks later, then a Chloe Silverado. Resistance is futile.
  7. Irishgal is right- resistance is futile. I came to this thread researching a totally different bag, and within a few weeks ended up ordering an Ink City. I have not bought another one since- not because I don't want to just have to put all my $$$ into my birkin fund. BUt I must tell you, once you get one, you will fall in love more and more each time you carry it!
  8. I don't own a b-bag, but I love reading this sub forum.
  9. I joined 3 weeks ago and caught the b-bag fever. Up until Tuesday I didn't own a Balenciaga.
  10. Once you start not only will you wonder what took so long but start buying many,many bags.
  11. So true!! When I got mine I was saying to myself that I can't believe I waited this long to get one and then I started making a list of what I want next. My SO is going to :banned: me from this board lol
  12. I was an avid lurker for about a month before I took the plunge. Like jag, it was the ink city that sealed the deal for me. I was hypnotized by the color, and after hearing great things about it from so many other ink owners, I just decided to go for it!
    At first, I was a little hesitant. Before joining this forum, I couldn't imagine myself ever buying 1 bag that costs over $1k. It seemed a shame when I thought of how many other bags I could buy for that price! :shocked:
    And now, a few bags later, I threw out that silly little notion out the window!! :P :upsidedown:
    The color, styles, and the leather are just the best I've ever owned!

    Andrea, perhaps the right color hasn't come yet for you? Do you like any of the new ones for fall? How about the older seasons??
    Good luck, and keep us updated! :flowers:
  13. I'm always lurking around.
    I post now and then.
    I love looking at everyone's bags and the beautiful colors and styles.
    I already know my first b-bag is going to be a city.
    I'm torn between the grenat or finding something in pink...
    I can't decide whether I should keep my grenat paddy and replace THAT with a grenat b-bag...does one really NEED two red bags???

    But, yeah, I do like this forum.
    Lots of eye candy.
  14. I lurked about 4 weeks before I bought my ink city. I wasn't too impressed by all the pics but I thought I just give it a try and if I didn't like it I could send it back but immediately I opened the package and felt the leather I was hooked. Since then (March06) I bought a cornflower first and recently my new deep love the grenat city. I would love to buy a day and a twiggy and and and
  15. Me, I don't have one...yet. Is there anywhere that you can legitimately purchase online? I don't think there is anywhere in my area that sells them!