Does Anyone Love Their Large Mp?

  1. Do you love the lg mp fom the start or do you have to get used to it? I fell for it a year ago when I first saw" The Devil Wears Prada" but didn't get one until yesterday and now I just stare at it!!:confused1:
  2. I too loved the large Mp when I didn't have it. Once I bought one, I did the same thing, I would stare at it and model it in the mirror but thats as far as it went. It is a beautiful bag imo, but I know I will not carry it so I've decided to sell it:crybaby:.
  3. hmm...may I know why ? :s issit because it is too heavy ? I find it very pratical to use everyday, i'd use it everyday if I dont have to match mine with my outfits. this bag did droop in the middle when carrying on shoulder, but i think it is nice in that way! :kiss:
  4. I don't like the way it looks when it droops, it drives me nuts!!! I would have prefered it to keep the shape like it has when it's stuffed.
  5. That's IT! :nuts: It drives me nuts when it droops! Yet on the other hand I love it more than any other MJ bag. I don't care for the small mp and I guess I am crazy:confused1::rolleyes::yes: because I love the bag but I don't like it!!
  6. I agree about the MP's drooping isse!! :hrmm: BUT, it makes such a beautiful, unique everyday bag, esp during my errands! AND it is SO durable that I don't have to worry about ruining the leather since it is SO rich and thick!

    It might be a bit big and/or gaudy for some, but, for me, it seems to be the bag I carry quite often w/out fussing over it! Hence, I guess you can say I LOVE IT! :biggrin:
  7. I have it and love it too! When I carry a boatload of stuff, it is perfect! It is my work bag. This is probably my all time favorite MJ!!
  8. I love my large mp! It's my first MJ. It's very versatile and it fits everything!