Does anyone love the Damier Papillon?

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  1. I used to want the Papillon 30 in Mono a few years back but ended up choosing the Alma, Speedy and then of course many others. I know there are threads out there about loving/hating the Papillon but they seem older and not many are posting there.

    I haven't seen too many of those bags lately and I kind of like that--- that you don't see every other person carrying this bag, like the NF, Speedy, Galliera, etc. (I love Speedys and the Gal btw).

    I was thinking of getting another Ebene bag to tide me over until I can get the Ebene Galliera maybe next year and I didn't want to spend too much since I'm saving for it. I saw a Papillon 30 for a reasonable price but I wanted to know if anyone thinks it's a practical/comfortable bag to carry. I already have the Ebene Speedy 30 but for some reason am not just "feeling" her. Or maybe someone has suggestions for a different Ebene shoulder bag (not the Trevi since it's way over budget right now).
    Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. I thought they dont make GALs in ebene anymore? I asked a couple of LV stores here in my city and also in seattle n portland.. hopefully, this isn't true since I :heart: the Gal in ebene and I wanna get one for myself.. :biggrin:

    anyway, im not really a fan of the papillon.. imo speedy looks better.. :smile:
  3. I absolutely love my Papillon 30!! I would definitely recommend it - it's more spacious than one would think, has a distinctive yet classic look, and is versatile enough to be used when dressed up or wearing jeans & a T. And, of course, as you mentioned, isn't frequently seen.

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. I love my Papillon!!! I only have the 26 in Ebene and regret not getting the 30, but I can't bear to part with it hehe. It's such a beautiful shape and so feminine, and surprisingly holds alot.

    If you've found one in good condition at the right price I'd say go for it, that way you're not dipping into your spend for the next bag, and have something new to play with in the meantime.
  5. Please do a search as well as check the Clubhouse for existing threads as I know there are Damier Pap owners out there. I have a Mono 30 and I love it!
  6. I think the Damier Papillon is a great looking bag, and can easily be casual or more dressed-up.
  7. Love my papillon damier 30! It's a great size, and not as deep as the speedy so it's easier to get stuff out. It can be dressed up or down, and though not really designed as a shoulder bag, it can be slung on the shoulder. I am a bit biased because it is my first LV, and it's such a unique bag, I will never part with it.
  8. I prefer the Speedy :smile:
  9. I absolutely love my damier pap 30 and will never sell it. I know a lot of people say they don't like the pap, but it's one of my most complimented in damier bags, right up there with my trevi and damier Alma and damier speedy(which, by the way, never gets the compliments the pap does, especially from men. I think they like the shape - LOL!).

    If you found a good price, grab it! I love mine.
  10. I LOVE mine, I just used it Mon night for dinner with some girlfriends and got compliments from everyone...

    I don't use mine as an everyday bag - just for "special occasions" but that's only because I like larger bags for everyday but, because I loved this bag sooooo much I broke my rule on "smaller bags" and bought it anyways and no regrets. It actually does fit alot and can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. I highly recomend this bag so I say "go for it"!!!:smile:
  11. Glad to see these posts. I am deciding on a new Damier bag and the Trevi is big for me (yes even the pm). I have a speedy in azur and I have an Illovo pm in Damier. Now that gets small sometimes. I wish I had bought the Illovo mm before it was discontinued.

    Anyway, I'm thinking the Papillon may be my choice.
  12. IMO Pappillon is iconic bag and a must in LV collection, even Twiggy wore it in the 70's for one of the advertisements for LV.
  13. I love the papillon, I would love to get a damier one someday.
    I have the red epi soufflot and it gets a lot of compliments.
  14. if i could only buy this now, i would..i need an everyday bag to tote around..papillon 30 is simply classic!!
  15. I have grown to love my Mono Pap 26 again... I use it when wearing casual clothes and switch from my Trevi which I use for work. I love how I can just dump my essentials in there without having to switch to smaller versions... as in it can fit my wallet, full size hand creams, etc... not the travel size stuff I need for my Eva. Even though it has a date code of 2003, it still smells wonderful because it's one of the few bags lined in leather.