Does anyone love handmade wicker purse or bag?


Nov 24, 2009
Hi:yahoo: everyone, I am a new member here.

I am very happy to join this forum. I've skimed through this forum,but I found only brand bags.

Does anyone love handmade wicker bags? I have worked in this field for a year for local market and It has been going quite well.

Now I want to find some new idea and interest for my bags from people outside my country(Thailand) and I want your help.

:smile: Thank, I am happy to share with everyone.


Oct 2, 2009
My grandmother passed at 96 a few years ago (actually, she was probably older as all of her id's had different ages). In her bag collection was a wicker basket that probably resembled something alike an egg basket that had to wicker parts which closed. She cross-stitched her initial and attached it to the bag. While my grandmother never had high-end fashion, she was always in Vogue (she was a child of the Depression). Nevertheless, whenever she went out w/ her bag, women of ALL ages would approach her and compliment her bag. So for me, yes. Both nostalgic and uniqueness. :smile:

heheh re: 3 days - ppl are probably busy getting ready; eating turkey; or suffering from food coma... I don't sleep in, but today, I got up at 11am!~