Does anyone love bags but have an issue with leather?

  1. Hey ladies, would love your opinions...

    I am a strict vegetarian and have always tried to limit the amount of leather I have. But I have always LOVED fashion. Now I have a career , I am falling in love with designers bags. I have bought the LV denim, but I am dying for a chanel.

    I am in love with the chanel flip and reissue bags, although the talk about what type of leather makes be feel guilty. I am worried that if I get one I'll see it as a dead baby calf or goat.

    So, are they actually bred for the bags or is leather a by-product (as I have always beleived). I know it's a confronting and a not-so-nice topic, but want to know these things.

  2. being Native American, it is my upbringing and culture to eat, wear and love animals - both as pets and as means of survival... it is a spiritual thing. Now that I have stated that, I cannot ever see myself purchasing or even touching the following animal skins for the following reasons:

    1. snake - scared and gross
    2. alligator or croc - scared
    3. eel - gross
    4. mink or chincilla - allergic
    5. fox - allergic

    but I will wear bovine/leather/cow, but won't eat it because it's bad for me. LOL I prefer to eat fish but I would never wear a fish, unless of course it is eyeshadow. Wow I sound like a nutcase lololll!

    Good for you though - whatever your cause is and makes you feel good for being you, stick to your guns!
  3. I think about this too...especially calf leather, which it seems all the best quality leather goods are made of these days.....I don't have any answers as to how they are harvested, hypocritically, i haven't wanted to think about it....
  4. People's beliefs change and evolve over time, something you believed in before may not hold true to the same degree as time goes by. Sometimes they feel guilty or like a bad person.

    However, I like to think that as long as I'm not breaking one of the Ten Commandments---then I think I can get the bag I want!!

    I know this is streching it, but it is essentially true.
  5. I have no problem with leather or fur
  6. :hrmm:
  7. I struggle with it a lot especially lately as I have been buying a lot of bags. In fact, some male friend of mine called me on it this weekend. Not in a mean way, but he was trying to understand. I would never buy fur or any other animal skin (ostrich, reptile, etc) but don't judge others for it. Similarly, I don't judge others for eating meat, it is just not for me. I try to convince myself that wearing or carrying leather is ok but I know it is not (for me) even if it is a by-product. For that reason, my bag collection will probably not be growing much anymore.
  8. Lets not get statred on fur- that's a whole new ball game adn I wouldn't touch it:
    at least 50% of the worlds fur comes from china
    most of it comes from cats and dogs and is dyed
    people think it is rabbit fur but the source is not disclosed
    they break the animals' necks because it is cheaper than a bullet or a lethal injection
    most animals are skinned alive for their fur because they are not killed properly first
    that's why I NEVER buy fur

    But back to leather..... I am not sure, I struggle too.So far I only have 1 leather bag.
  9. In addition to the atrocious use of cat and dog fur mentioned above^^^, even "american" fur production is horrific. Fur products are ALL from tortured and abused animals. Animals that are farmed for fur are kept in wire cages so small that they actually chew off their own limbs. They are often killed through anal -- yes anal! -- electrocution, which is not instantaneous. (If you've ever seen "Green Mile" where the guy getting the electric chair takes many tries to die, that's what it can be like). Meanwhile, wild, trapped animals often spend hours, or even days, writhing in pain while they are trapped in steel jaw traps. They do often get skinned alive. I am NOT exagerating or being a fanatic. See . And this site is not very graphic, others are.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but the fur industry is one of the only things in the world that I believe to be truly evil. It just causes so much suffering. (btw, I'm not trying to insult chanel4me at all! Just really feel strongly about this issue so wanted to share important information.)

    The leather is a more ambiguous issue b/c of the by-product aspect and I am so glad, crystal, that you brought it up!! I know exactly what you mean. Even though leather is a by-product, it still comes from the factory farming industry, and it is still a dead animal. When we buy it, we still help farmers who abuse their animals. Even though I think pictures of those chanel bags are gorgeous, when I see them in person, I can't get over the fact that they are made of animal skin. On the other hand, I have lots of jacquard bags w/ leather trim...which makes me feel like a total hypocrite, but somehow the trim doesn't seem as extreme. hmmm...I'm going to keep thinking about this -- we should talk about it more:smile:

    btw, if animals were raised with love and kindness, given happy lives and freedom, and THEN were PAINLESSLY slaughtered, I would have almost no problem w/ eating meat, wearing fur, etc. It's just that the current system is brutal and not humane at all. Sorry so long, this is a big issue w/ me!
  10. It's nice to see when people are informed about the fur industry. :smile:

    I also struggle, and I have no answers to this post.

  11. Thank you for that Crystal - that is info that everyone should know (particularly on a forum like this) and if you hadn't said it, I would have been forced to!

    I am a vegetarian, because I care about animals equally to humans, despite the fact that my body doesn't seem to want me to be!

    According to the blood type diet, as I am type O (and that is apparently the original and oldest type) I should be living, almost exclusively, on meat! :sick:

    I do have calfskin, lambskin and goatskin bags and shoes; but as I have said before, this is only because these skins are a by-product of the meat industry.

    As I have also said before, if everybody else stopped eating meat, I would not only be very happy, but I would also, of course, never dream of buying another leather item.

    I do, often, think of the animal that the skin belonged to and it does upset me greatly, even though I was not responsible for its death.

    However, I do not see why the carnivores of this world should be the only ones to get to have all the fun of wearing the skin, as well as eating the meat!

    And as for fur wearers...:evil:
  12. WOW how ironic that fur is mentioned in this thread, I was doing a oral presentation in class to day about it. I for one have not done much research in the leather aspects, but concerning fur I would not buy AT ALL! It is true what MandM states about the way these animals are killed. Anal and oral electricution, gassing, neck braking, sometimes being skinned while still concious. The fur industry is animal cruelty in all its holy glory. It is wrong, inhumane, and unnecessary. With the vast improvements of faux fur, there is not any reason to purchase real fur. Faux fur is obviously cheaper and easier for storing. Main reason faux fur is great is that it does not kill any animals. I will not pass judgment on others who wear real fur, but I just want to say to take a quick look at the website and you will quickly change your mind!
  13. I also heard that there were many loopholes that are in the Dog and Cat Protection Law that many fur traders in China are taking advatage of. Something about if the item is under 150 dollars, there is no need to label what kind of fur it is and such. I also heard that the US national chain "Burlington Coat Factory" was found to be carrying dog fur. They misleading labeled as the fancy name "mongolain dog fur" but through dna testing they found it to be german shepherd! Burlington of course quickly handed over 100 k to Humane Society as well as taking the dog fur off the shelves!
  14. I don't have a problem with it, but know it's cruel and kind of vain. I was raised with it, though. I think both sides should respect each other.

  15. Sorry purselova, because of the posts above you, can I ask whether you were referring to calf/lamb/goat leather, or fur?