does anyone live in detroit

  1. my good friend is moving to detroit area, with her husband's job for at least 1-2 years.

    she is really nervous about the different neighborhoods, as they have school aged children.

    i thought i would ask if anyone knows the best areas or schools.

    since they will move back to california, they are not sure as to buy or rent...they have read that the housing market is not strong, but are tempted by the low prices (in comparison to california)

    any info would be greatly appreciated, she isn't a TPF member...but I'll pass it all on to her.
  2. Guccimamma -- I grew up there, although now I'm in San Francisco. The different areas depend on where her husband's job will be, because the neighborhoods are pretty spread out. Some of the best schools and areas are in Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham in the Detroit Metro Area. Another nice area is Grosse Pointe. If they're younger, another more hip area is Royal Oak. I've been gone for 11 years now but the rest of my family is still in MI ... where is the person's job going to be?
  3. Another things with buying vs. renting in that area -- they will get a great deal, because houses are just sitting on the market -- but when they go to sell, they may have a hard time getting rid of it.
  4. thanks, i am going to pass on the list of areas. i don't really know where he is working, i know very little of the geography of the area.

    i appreciate the time you took to answer me, i know she is really nervous about the move...and is a little afraid of being directed into an area by an overzealous realtor.
  5. No worries. It's hard to know what towns to tell them if I don't know where his job will be. If you need any more advice, feel free to PM me.
  6. I'm from metro Detroit although I now live in Minneapolis. I second that Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham have great schools. I lived in Farmington Hills which was a great place to grow up and also has amazing schools. I would also check out pretty much all of Oakland County. (The frozen O.C. as my friends like to call it). Grosse Pointe is beautiful too. It's a little more homogonous imo, but there is older money there. The metro area overall is a little boring imo, but I miss shopping at The Somerset Collection!
  7. everytime i hear of grosse pointe, i think of the movie Grosse Pointe Blank.

    i love john cusack