Does anyone likes to put charms on their Hermes?

  1. It can be any charm, either Hermes or non Hermes ones. I'll start with me, I love putting charms on my bags. I have a pegasus charm on my thalassa box birkin, and a heart shaped leather charm on my fuchsia kelly.

    I also have a Juicy Couture cherry enamel charm, but it's gold color, and I ain't got a bag with gold h/w :hrmm:

    What about you guys?
  2. I don't own any yet but want to buy a couple of little goodies for my Birkin. I love the heart and Pegasus, too!
  3. I love charms and twillys! I have a hippo lock/charm on my Kelly and I put twillys on my Paris-Bombay. I have to search for a charm/twilly for my Bolide.
  4. I'm really curious how the Juicy Couture charms will look on a birkin. They have such cute charms, I just ordered some today.. now all I need is a birkin with gold h/w :biggrin:

    I think a charm give a new look to a bag.. my cats seem to think so too, coz one day I saw one of them staring lovingly into the pegasus charm dangling from my birkin. His paw was ready to grab it and give it a lil tingle, I swore I almost had a mini heart attack! :lol: God knows what those claws can do to a birkin!
  5. I think charms personalizes the bags a bit!

    OMG! I think I would have also had a mini heart attack if a cat would grab my bags. :Push:
  6. Sorry...I don't care for charms nor twillys on my bags. :shame:
  7. La Van you are right, I think "personalize" is the more suitable term, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Yeah, since that incident, I made a mental note not to put my bag on my desk anymore (I keep my cats in my office, it's my own office and they're free to roam around as they wish). I made a lil space in one of the cabinet and always store my bag safely there from then on :flowers:
  8. I like to tie pochettes, Twillys, and hang charms on my bags but sometimes I do think the Birkin and Kelly are a bit too busy for extra adornment.
  9. I've seen ladies tie Twilly scarves onto their Birkins/Kellys, and they look so sweetly aristocratic, in a good way! And the charmes are also adorable.
  10. I truely think it depends of the style of the bag..
    (slouchy vs. shaped)

    Hmmm I'm not a big fan of charms on my bags... especially the high-end bags. Chams just seem to downplay the luxury of the bags.... But charms on a slouchy... Coach or a MJ bag may look cute and vibrant

    Scarves/Twillies, however, I think, don't seem to look too good on shapeless, slouchy bags, but better on the luxurious bags with some rigit shape, like the Hermes bags...
  11. I don't have a, no charms.

    As for the Kelly, I prefer mine classic without any charms.
  12. Stupid question ladies, are you hanging them from the center post lock on the birkin and the kelly. I guess on a kelly you could use a ring at the top. Could someone post a picture? Thanks.

    Think the heart and the pegasus are really pretty.
  13. I have been "personalizing" my H bags for some years now and I usually use the fruit/animal key chain or the charms to decorate them. I still can't get used to the idea of using a twilly though because every time I try, it looks a bit too fussy to me :sad:
  14. I hang the charms on the clochette and the key chains from the handle.
  15. Sarah, I used to own a few of those locks/charms but I never hung them from my Hermes bags. Firstly, if you use it as a lock then you have to unlock it everytime you go to get into your bag. Have you TRIED to unlock those charm/locks? It's nearly impossible and I've broken a few fingernails trying.

    You can hook them to the hardware that are attached to the handles on a Kelly, but I was afraid that the charm/locks would scratch the box calf. So I sold off all of my charms *sigh*.:huh: