Does anyone likes jade?

  1. Raise your hand if you do.

    I have a jade bracelet that I bought at Hong Kong last year. It's always on me ever since. Nothing fancy, I just like the color. It has a purple swish on it.

    Couple of pics below. Please show me yours :idea:
    CIMG1014.JPG CIMG1015.JPG
  2. I don't have any jade jewelry, but I love your bracelet. Very pretty.
  3. I have a light green bangle, and I just bought my mom one for Christmas ;)
  4. I have a jade bangle I wear almost every day! :smile:
    jade.jpg jade2.jpg
  5. I have some heirlom jade jewelry set in 24 karat gold. I don't wear them so much since my Ering is platinum.
  6. jade is beautiful i like it!
  7. I have a couple, and I love them...but dont usually wear them much as I should.....
  8. Yes and no as my whole family wore it growing up, gone off the green white ones but still like bracelets that are a deep green though
  9. That's really pretty and the color looks perfect with your skintone!

    I've always wanted a jade bangle, but they're really expensive here. If I ever go to China I'm buying a bunch! I think for my skintone, I would get a paler one like Sarah's.
  10. jade rocks, but i've always been told that you're supposed to be gifted jade.... something to do with luck, so i've never bought any for myself....guess i have to start dropping the hints to my SO. :graucho:
  11. I heard that if it's a gift it's good luck also. That's why my DH bought my a purple and pale green one back from Singapore a few years back. I don't have a pic, but it's beautiful!
  12. I have a bangle and a ring that DH got me when we went to China back in 2001. With post pics later.
  13. I love jade! I have a quartz bracelet that looks like jade, but no actual jade itself. I love how it changes colors the more you wear it, too.
  14. I always wonder how you guys can get your hands into the tiny jade bangles. My mother gave me the pair she wore on her wedding. I am a size one & I still have difficulty getting my hand thru' it.LOL!
  15. I LOVE jade... I have a bangle with 22ct shoulders on it that I just adore!:heart: