Does Anyone Like Yellow? What Do You Think of This?

  1. Honest opinions.....what does everyone think of this bag? It is the softest leather ever, and the lining is fuscia! :p I think it will make a great summer bag.
    Yellow Un Apres2.jpg Yellow Un Apres5.jpg
  2. Hi! I think yellow is a great way to liven things up after the blah no color of winter!! That bag looks roomy, has an interesting shape, and the color looks wonderful!! Plus it looks like you can sling it over your shoulder!! Who makes it?
  3. Un Apres Midi Du Chien....the style is Kleeber, and it is a soft and bright yellow. I just changed out my Michael by Michael Kors for it today to liven things up a bit! :smile:
  4. I :heart: yellow

    Actually my LV yellow noe with purple interior is one of my fav bags ... such a fun color combo, really brightens up your day
  5. It is so cute and i love yellow.
  6. LOVE IT!
  7. It's lovely!
  8. I love it. It'd be a great bag for the spring! :yes:
  9. I love yellow too, and that's a cute bag!
  10. I think yellow is fine, but I couldn't wear it myself. It's not a very versatile colour though, but it's fun.
  11. I LOVE it and hope the straps are comfortable on your shoulder! Enjoy!!
  12. Love it-I am using my mustard yellow Bruce Makowsky as we speak. It does lift one's spirits!:smile:
  13. yellow is THE color for summer 2007!
  14. I :heart: yellow.

    but damn those are large tassels!
  15. I love the compliments!!! Thank you all so much. I posted this because I am technically on a purse ban until the end of this year, but I cracked and got this bag because of the color. I couldn't help myself. Now I feel much better for not being able to hold up to my bargain with myself with all those affirmations out there. :nuts: :heart: