Does anyone like/use cream eye-shadows & what are the best ones?

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  1. Hi all~ I'm really wanting to try some cream eye-shadows, but I'm wondering if they are oily or if they crease a lot? What are your favorite brands & shades? Also, should I use a primer (like Urban Decay Primer Potion) with them? TIA!
  2. Hi realdealgirl,

    my problem with these cream eyeshadows is the creasing so i don´t have any.

    but i had a sample of the maybelline dream matte mousse eyeshadows and used them with eyeshadow base of manhattan under it , and it lasts the hole day

    although i like "normal" eyeshadows more

    greetings from Germany,

  3. The only cream eyeshadow I've tried that doesn't crease and that lasts all day is Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow. I use it with BB Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and my eye makeup looks great all day. I'm a big BB fan!!
  4. I don't use cream eye shadows since the ones I've tried have creased. But I'm sure there are ones that don't, I just haven't bothered trying to find them. I prefer regular eye shadows. :flowers:
  5. I agree! The BB cream eyeshadow is great, and it doesn't crease at all. I also love the gel eyeliner. Takes a bit of practice with the applying, but it wears beautifully!
  6. I am not a big fan of cream eyeshadows because of the creasing, as well.
  7. I also have a Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow that is awesome! I use a gel eyeliner by Paula's Choice. The eyeliner is awesome and lasts all day and still washes off easily. All my cosmetics come from Paula's except for the one Bobbi Brown eyeshadow!
  8. LOVE Bobbi Brown cream shadow especially in Bellini its this gorgeous peachy pinky shade with slightest bit of a golden undertone. stays all day never creases I love using it with Bobbi's Chocolate gel liner such soft colors but still gives me a strong defined look.
  9. MAC!!! they are amazing, so vibrant!
  10. I swear by Shiseido's Hydro-Power Eyeshadows. They come in a small pot of what appears to be crazy colors but when applied onto skin the colors are subdued. It's a solid cream in the pot which applies like a dream and quickly dries to matte. A tiny dab is all you need per application. I am fond of shade Spring Plum (H4) which looks purple red in the pot but goes on like a beige-mauve. I normally use them as a primer/base although they are meant to be worn alone, as they give a twist to every eyeshadow I use, provide lasting power from morning to night without need for touch ups, and best of all never crease.

    Prior to discovering them, I've been an ardent user of Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I find that the main difference is UDPP doesn't stay put for more than 4 hrs. I get an oily crease line where my eyelids fold (have double eyelids), and sometimes I need to clean off my eye make up completely to reapply. No problem at all with Shiseido's, and a single pot can last about 3 times longer than UDPP. And no, I don't wear Hydro-Power with UDPP.. in fact I've binned my empty UDPP and never went back.
  11. Ok, I'll have to try the Bobbi Brown and some others too, didn't think of MAC, and I never thought to use them as a base, but might try that too. Thanks everyone for your input!
  12. your welcome good luck. hope you find one that works for you.
  13. The few times I've used cream eyeshadows I've gotten creases, so I just stick to regular eyeshadow.
  14. I'm kinda oily and I like to keep my eyes well hydrated with eye cream during the day so a creme shadow on the entire eye from lid to brow just doesn't work for me, I have however tried the bobby brown cream shadow on my lid area and one by vincent longo. I do really like both of them, the key for me is to keep them on the lid area and use a powder in the crease, or nothing at all.....
  15. mac ~ it's fab & no creasing