Does anyone like to carry their Day crook of the arm style?

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  1. I do!!!:P Am I a big dork?:shrugs: Anyone else?:girlsigh:
  2. I do that too! I just got 2 Days (my first ones) and I find myself carrying them this way. I'm tall and sometimes it's just easier!
  3. Me too me too! Esp. when my shoulders are getting tired ... I actually used my Violet day over the weekend!
  4. I definitely carry it that way that sometimes, too!
  5. I take photos with it in the crook of my arm and I think it looks cool but when I'm out and about my day is mostly on my shoulder.


  6. I'm not very tall and when I carry on my shoulder it kind of bangs on my knee :rolleyes: I almost always carry Days on my shoulder :yes:
  7. You're a dork :P ;) I do it sometimes, if I'm not going to be carrying it for long. If I'm going to be out awhile it goes on my shoulder.
  8. LOL... I'm too short to do that :o( I always wear my DAY on my shoulder! :o) weeeeeeee DAY PHOTOS!!! lookin great girls!
  9. My day I sold I always carreid it on my shoulder but I am getting a new one I will wear in the crook to break it in and stretch it out! :smile:
  10. I always wear mine on the shoulder. I carry on the crook of my arm occassionally when the shoulder is tired & I am struggling to get things in & out of the bag.
  11. I do sometimes, but I don't think it looks as good on me that way because I'm too short :P
  12. You look very nice with it^^
  13. When the bag is loaded, it puts too much stress on my arm, which is quite uncomfortable. It does look good, though.
  14. yes you're a dork... :P JK..!!

    u know what... i've mentioned this before but i'm gonna say it again. Hope this doesn't creep u out... but so far, everytime i see pics of you modeling a bag i end up buying it... :s Chloe paddy, violet first, and now a black day...

  15. Hm, I found myself this afternoon carrying her in the crook of my arm. I had another bag on my shoulder. It felt nice! So I'm a dork too.