Does anyone like this color?

  1. I think the only reason Im not too fond of it is because you can get really any bag in this color and because there are so many unusual bold colors that Bbags come in.
  2. YES! That is what was itching my brain, but I could not articulate it properly. Thanks. :cry:
  3. I like it but then again three of my four bbags are fairly neutral -- black, caramel, grey.
  4. I have a First in that colour. It's a really rich shade, and I use it a lot when I wear chocolate brown or white.

    I do have other colours of Balenciaga bags as well, and I really love them. I guess it depends if you want a neutral bag, or a colourful bag!
  5. I love that color!
  6. loooove that color! so boho chic
  7. it's a great neutral color.
  8. That is one of the few neutral colors I'd actually buy. It's fabulous!
  9. hmmm... the link isnt working for me?
  10. I love it!:love:
  11. That's really pretty - I love neutral colors. I have a caramel first and can use it with almost anything.:amuse:
  12. I like that color-it's very versatile.
  13. Well, I didn't like it at first, partially for the reasons that kimmie mentioned above. But then I saw Nhelle's picture of hers, and its really growing on me. I actually rather like it now. Go figure!
  14. I love this color! Somebody has a box in this color, and it looks wonderful.